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Jerry Mendel Introduction To Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Control. Theory and Applications

An introductory book that provides theoretical, practical, and application coverage of the emerging field of type-2 fuzzy logic control Until recently, little was known about type-2 fuzzy controllers due to the lack of basic calculation methods available for type-2 fuzzy sets and logic—and many different aspects of type-2 fuzzy control still needed to be investigated in order to advance this new and powerful technology. This self-contained reference covers everything readers need to know about the growing field. Written with an educational focus in mind, Introduction to Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Control: Theory and Applications uses a coherent structure and uniform mathematical notations to link chapters that are closely related, reflecting the book’s central themes: analysis and design of type-2 fuzzy control systems. The book includes worked examples, experiment and simulation results, and comprehensive reference materials. The book also offers downloadable computer programs from an associated website. Presented by world-class leaders in type-2 fuzzy logic control, Introduction to Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Control: Is useful for any technical person interested in learning type-2 fuzzy control theory and its applications Offers experiment and simulation results via downloadable computer programs Features type-2 fuzzy logic background chapters to make the book self-contained Provides an extensive literature survey on both fuzzy logic and related type-2 fuzzy control Introduction to Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Control is an easy-to-read reference book suitable for engineers, researchers, and graduate students who want to gain deep insight into type-2 fuzzy logic control.

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Antonin Dvorak Insight into Fuzzy Modeling

Provides a unique and methodologically consistent treatment of various areas of fuzzy modeling and includes the results of mathematical fuzzy logic and linguistics This book is the result of almost thirty years of research on fuzzy modeling. It provides a unique view of both the theory and various types of applications. The book is divided into two parts. The first part contains an extensive presentation of the theory of fuzzy modeling. The second part presents selected applications in three important areas: control and decision-making, image processing, and time series analysis and forecasting. The authors address the consistent and appropriate treatment of the notions of fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic and their applications. They provide two complementary views of the methodology, which is based on fuzzy IF-THEN rules. The first, more traditional method involves fuzzy approximation and the theory of fuzzy relations. The second method is based on a combination of formal fuzzy logic and linguistics. A very important topic covered for the first time in book form is the fuzzy transform (F-transform). Applications of this theory are described in separate chapters and include image processing and time series analysis and forecasting. All of the mentioned components make this book of interest to students and researchers of fuzzy modeling as well as to practitioners in industry. Features: Provides a foundation of fuzzy modeling and proposes a thorough description of fuzzy modeling methodology Emphasizes fuzzy modeling based on results in linguistics and formal logic Includes chapters on natural language and approximate reasoning, fuzzy control and fuzzy decision-making, and image processing using the F-transform Discusses fuzzy IF-THEN rules for approximating functions, fuzzy cluster analysis, and time series forecasting Insight into Fuzzy Modeling is a reference for researchers in the fields of soft computing and fuzzy logic as well as undergraduate, master and Ph.D. students. Vilém Novák, D.Sc. is Full Professor and Director of the Institute for Research and Applications of Fuzzy Modeling, University of Ostrava, Czech Republic. Irina Perfilieva, Ph.D. is Full Professor, Senior Scientist, and Head of the Department of Theoretical Research at the Institute for Research and Applications of Fuzzy Modeling, University of Ostrava, Czech Republic. Antonín Dvorák, Ph.D. is Associate Professor, and Senior Scientist at the Institute for Research and Applications of Fuzzy Modeling, University of Ostrava, Czech Republic.

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Hojjat Adeli Computational Intelligence. Synergies of Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks and Evolutionary Computing

Computational Intelligence: Synergies of Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks and Evolutionary Computing presents an introduction to some of the cutting edge technological paradigms under the umbrella of computational intelligence. Computational intelligence schemes are investigated with the development of a suitable framework for fuzzy logic, neural networks and evolutionary computing, neuro-fuzzy systems, evolutionary-fuzzy systems and evolutionary neural systems. Applications to linear and non-linear systems are discussed with examples. Key features: Covers all the aspects of fuzzy, neural and evolutionary approaches with worked out examples, MATLAB® exercises and applications in each chapter Presents the synergies of technologies of computational intelligence such as evolutionary fuzzy neural fuzzy and evolutionary neural systems Considers real world problems in the domain of systems modelling, control and optimization Contains a foreword written by Lotfi Zadeh Computational Intelligence: Synergies of Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks and Evolutionary Computing is an ideal text for final year undergraduate, postgraduate and research students in electrical, control, computer, industrial and manufacturing engineering.

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Timothy Ross J. Fuzzy Logic with Engineering Applications

Fuzzy Logic with Engineering Applications, Fourth Edition Timothy J. Ross, University of New Mexico, USA The latest update on this popular textbook The importance of concepts and methods based on fuzzy logic and fuzzy set theory has been rapidly growing since the early 1990s and all the indications are that this trend will continue in the foreseeable future. Fuzzy Logic with Engineering Applications, Fourth Edition is a new edition of the popular textbook with 15% of new and updated material. Updates have been made to most of the chapters and each chapter now includes new end-of-chapter problems. Key features: New edition of the popular textbook with 15% of new and updated material. Includes new examples and end-of-chapter problems. Has been made more concise with the removal of out of date material. Covers applications of fuzzy logic to engineering and science. Accompanied by a website hosting a solutions manual and software. The book is essential reading for graduates and senior undergraduate students in civil, chemical, mechanical and electrical engineering as wells as researchers and practitioners working with fuzzy logic in industry.

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Thomas Tymoczko Sweet Reason. A Field Guide to Modern Logic

Sweet Reason: A Field Guide to Modern Logic, 2nd Edition offers an innovative, friendly, and effective introduction to logic. It integrates formal first order, modal, and non-classical logic with natural language reasoning, analytical writing, critical thinking, set theory, and the philosophy of logic and mathematics. An innovative introduction to the field of logic designed to entertain as it informs Integrates formal first order, modal, and non-classical logic with natural language reasoning, analytical writing, critical thinking, set theory, and the philosophy of logic and mathematics Addresses contemporary applications of logic in fields such as computer science and linguistics A web-site (www.wiley.com/go/henle) linked to the text features numerous supplemental exercises and examples, enlightening puzzles and cartoons, and insightful essays

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Michael OLeary L. A First Course in Mathematical Logic and Set Theory

A mathematical introduction to the theory and applications of logic and set theory with an emphasis on writing proofs Highlighting the applications and notations of basic mathematical concepts within the framework of logic and set theory, A First Course in Mathematical Logic and Set Theory introduces how logic is used to prepare and structure proofs and solve more complex problems. The book begins with propositional logic, including two-column proofs and truth table applications, followed by first-order logic, which provides the structure for writing mathematical proofs. Set theory is then introduced and serves as the basis for defining relations, functions, numbers, mathematical induction, ordinals, and cardinals. The book concludes with a primer on basic model theory with applications to abstract algebra. A First Course in Mathematical Logic and Set Theory also includes: Section exercises designed to show the interactions between topics and reinforce the presented ideas and concepts Numerous examples that illustrate theorems and employ basic concepts such as Euclid’s lemma, the Fibonacci sequence, and unique factorization Coverage of important theorems including the well-ordering theorem, completeness theorem, compactness theorem, as well as the theorems of Löwenheim–Skolem, Burali-Forti, Hartogs, Cantor–Schröder–Bernstein, and König An excellent textbook for students studying the foundations of mathematics and mathematical proofs, A First Course in Mathematical Logic and Set Theory is also appropriate for readers preparing for careers in mathematics education or computer science. In addition, the book is ideal for introductory courses on mathematical logic and/or set theory and appropriate for upper-undergraduate transition courses with rigorous mathematical reasoning involving algebra, number theory, or analysis.

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Bao-Zhu Guo Active Disturbance Rejection Control for Nonlinear Systems. An Introduction

A concise, in-depth introduction to active disturbance rejection control theory for nonlinear systems, with numerical simulations and clearly worked out equations Provides the fundamental, theoretical foundation for applications of active disturbance rejection control Features numerical simulations and clearly worked out equations Highlights the advantages of active disturbance rejection control, including small overshooting, fast convergence, and energy savings

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Jan Jantzen Foundations of Fuzzy Control. A Practical Approach

Foundations of Fuzzy Control: A Practical Approach, 2nd Edition has been significantly revised and updated, with two new chapters on Gain Scheduling Control and Neurofuzzy Modelling. It focuses on the PID (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) type controller which is the most widely used in industry and systematically analyses several fuzzy PID control systems and adaptive control mechanisms. This new edition covers the basics of fuzzy control and builds a solid foundation for the design of fuzzy controllers, by creating links to established linear and nonlinear control theory. Advanced topics are also introduced and in particular, common sense geometry is emphasised. Key features Sets out practical worked through problems, examples and case studies to illustrate each type of control system Accompanied by a website hosting downloadable MATLAB programs Accompanied by an online course on Fuzzy Control which is taught by the author. Students can access further material and enrol at the companion website Foundations of Fuzzy Control: A Practical Approach, 2nd Edition is an invaluable resource for researchers, practitioners, and students in engineering. It is especially relevant for engineers working with automatic control of mechanical, electrical, or chemical systems.

10264.36 РУБ



Arthur Dexter L. Monitoring and Control of Information-Poor Systems. An Approach based on Fuzzy Relational Models

The monitoring and control of a system whose behaviour is highly uncertain is an important and challenging practical problem. Methods of solution based on fuzzy techniques have generated considerable interest, but very little of the existing literature considers explicit ways of taking uncertainties into account. This book describes an approach to the monitoring and control of information-poor systems that is based on fuzzy relational models which generate fuzzy outputs. The first part of Monitoring and Control of Information-Poor Systems aims to clarify why design decisions must take account of the uncertainty associated with optimal choices, and to explain how a fuzzy relational model can be used to generate a fuzzy output, which reflects the uncertainties associated with its predictions. Part two gives a brief introduction to fuzzy decision-making and shows how it can be used to design a predictive control scheme that is suitable for controlling information-poor systems using inaccurate measurements. Part three describes different ways in which fuzzy relational models can be generated online and explains the practical issues associated with their identification and application. The final part of the book provides examples of the use of the previously described techniques in real applications. Key features: Describes techniques applicable to a wide range of engineering, environmental, medical, financial and economic applications Uses simple examples to help explain the basic techniques for dealing with uncertainty Describes a novel design approach based on the use of fuzzy relational models Considers practical issues associated with applying the techniques to real systems Monitoring and Control of Information-Poor Systems forms an invaluable resource for a wide range of graduate students, and is also a comprehensive reference for researchers and practitioners working on problems involving mathematical modelling and control.

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Robert Hirsch P. Workbook to Accompany Introduction Biostatistical Applications in Health Research with Microsoft Office Excel

Workbook to accompany Introduction to Biostatistical Applications in Health Research with Microsoft Office Excel—practical and methodological approach to the statistical logic of biostatistics in the field of health research.

2697.52 РУБ



Willem Conradie Logic and Discrete Mathematics. A Concise Introduction

A concise yet rigorous introduction to logic and discrete mathematics. This book features a unique combination of comprehensive coverage of logic with a solid exposition of the most important fields of discrete mathematics, presenting material that has been tested and refined by the authors in university courses taught over more than a decade. The chapters on logic – propositional and first-order – provide a robust toolkit for logical reasoning, emphasizing the conceptual understanding of the language and the semantics of classical logic as well as practical applications through the easy to understand and use deductive systems of Semantic Tableaux and Resolution. The chapters on set theory, number theory, combinatorics and graph theory combine the necessary minimum of theory with numerous examples and selected applications. Written in a clear and reader-friendly style, each section ends with an extensive set of exercises, most of them provided with complete solutions which are available in the accompanying solutions manual. Key Features: Suitable for a variety of courses for students in both Mathematics and Computer Science. Extensive, in-depth coverage of classical logic, combined with a solid exposition of a selection of the most important fields of discrete mathematics Concise, clear and uncluttered presentation with numerous examples. Covers some applications including cryptographic systems, discrete probability and network algorithms. Logic and Discrete Mathematics: A Concise Introduction is aimed mainly at undergraduate courses for students in mathematics and computer science, but the book will also be a valuable resource for graduate modules and for self-study.

4630.6 РУБ



Xinxin Gu Self-healing Control Technology for Distribution Networks

Systematically introduces self-healing control theory for distribution networks, rigorously supported by simulations and applications • A comprehensive introduction to self-healing control for distribution networks • Details the construction of self-healing control systems with simulations and applications • Provides key principles for new generation protective relay and network protection • Demonstrates how to monitor and manage system performance • Highlights practical implementation of self-healing control technologies, backed by rigorous research data and simulations

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Reinhard Viertl Statistical Methods for Fuzzy Data

Statistical data are not always precise numbers, or vectors, or categories. Real data are frequently what is called fuzzy. Examples where this fuzziness is obvious are quality of life data, environmental, biological, medical, sociological and economics data. Also the results of measurements can be best described by using fuzzy numbers and fuzzy vectors respectively. Statistical analysis methods have to be adapted for the analysis of fuzzy data. In this book, the foundations of the description of fuzzy data are explained, including methods on how to obtain the characterizing function of fuzzy measurement results. Furthermore, statistical methods are then generalized to the analysis of fuzzy data and fuzzy a-priori information. Key Features: Provides basic methods for the mathematical description of fuzzy data, as well as statistical methods that can be used to analyze fuzzy data. Describes methods of increasing importance with applications in areas such as environmental statistics and social science. Complements the theory with exercises and solutions and is illustrated throughout with diagrams and examples. Explores areas such quantitative description of data uncertainty and mathematical description of fuzzy data. This work is aimed at statisticians working with fuzzy logic, engineering statisticians, finance researchers, and environmental statisticians. It is written for readers who are familiar with elementary stochastic models and basic statistical methods.

9182.7 РУБ



Wu Dongrui Perceptual Computing. Aiding People in Making Subjective Judgments

Explains for the first time how «computing with words» can aid in making subjective judgments Lotfi Zadeh, the father of fuzzy logic, coined the phrase «computing with words» (CWW) to describe a methodology in which the objects of computation are words and propositions drawn from a natural language. Perceptual Computing explains how to implement CWW to aid in the important area of making subjective judgments, using a methodology that leads to an interactive device—a «Perceptual Computer»—that propagates random and linguistic uncertainties into the subjective judgment in a way that can be modeled and observed by the judgment maker. This book focuses on the three components of a Perceptual Computer—encoder, CWW engines, and decoder—and then provides detailed applications for each. It uses interval type-2 fuzzy sets (IT2 FSs) and fuzzy logic as the mathematical vehicle for perceptual computing, because such fuzzy sets can model first-order linguistic uncertainties whereas the usual kind of fuzzy sets cannot. Drawing upon the work on subjective judgments that Jerry Mendel and his students completed over the past decade, Perceptual Computing shows readers how to: Map word-data with its inherent uncertainties into an IT2 FS that captures these uncertainties Use uncertainty measures to quantify linguistic uncertainties Compare IT2 FSs by using similarity and rank Compute the subsethood of one IT2 FS in another such set Aggregate disparate data, ranging from numbers to uniformly weighted intervals to nonuniformly weighted intervals to words Aggregate multiple-fired IF-THEN rules so that the integrity of word IT2 FS models is preserved Free MATLAB-based software is also available online so readers can apply the methodology of perceptual computing immediately, and even try to improve upon it. Perceptual Computing is an important go-to for researchers and students in the fields of artificial intelligence and fuzzy logic, as well as for operations researchers, decision makers, psychologists, computer scientists, and computational intelligence experts.

9182.7 РУБ



Snehashish Chakraverty Fuzzy Arbitrary Order System. Fractional Differential Equations and Applications

Presents a systematic treatment of fuzzy fractional differential equations as well as newly developed computational methods to model uncertain physical problems Complete with comprehensive results and solutions, Fuzzy Arbitrary Order System: Fuzzy Fractional Differential Equations and Applications details newly developed methods of fuzzy computational techniquesneeded to model solve uncertainty. Fuzzy differential equations are solved via various analytical andnumerical methodologies, and this book presents their importance for problem solving, prototypeengineering design, and systems testing in uncertain environments. In recent years, modeling of differential equations for arbitrary and fractional order systems has been increasing in its applicability, and as such, the authors feature examples from a variety of disciplines to illustrate the practicality and importance of the methods within physics, applied mathematics, engineering, and chemistry, to name a few. The fundamentals of fractional differential equations and the basic preliminaries of fuzzy fractional differential equations are first introduced, followed by numerical solutions, comparisons of various methods, and simulated results. In addition, fuzzy ordinary, partial, linear, and nonlinear fractional differential equations are addressed to solve uncertainty in physical systems. In addition, this book features: Basic preliminaries of fuzzy set theory, an introduction of fuzzy arbitrary order differential equations, and various analytical and numerical procedures for solving associated problems Coverage on a variety of fuzzy fractional differential equations including structural, diffusion, and chemical problems as well as heat equations and biomathematical applications Discussions on how to model physical problems in terms of nonprobabilistic methods and provides systematic coverage of fuzzy fractional differential equations and its applications Uncertainties in systems and processes with a fuzzy concept Fuzzy Arbitrary Order System: Fuzzy Fractional Differential Equations and Applications is an ideal resource for practitioners, researchers, and academicians in applied mathematics, physics, biology, engineering, computer science, and chemistry who need to model uncertain physical phenomena and problems. The book is appropriate for graduate-level courses on fractional differential equations for students majoring in applied mathematics, engineering, physics, and computer science.

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Vijay Garg K. Introduction to Lattice Theory with Computer Science Applications

A computational perspective on partial order and lattice theory, focusing on algorithms and their applications This book provides a uniform treatment of the theory and applications of lattice theory. The applications covered include tracking dependency in distributed systems, combinatorics, detecting global predicates in distributed systems, set families, and integer partitions. The book presents algorithmic proofs of theorems whenever possible. These proofs are written in the calculational style advocated by Dijkstra, with arguments explicitly spelled out step by step. The author’s intent is for readers to learn not only the proofs, but the heuristics that guide said proofs. Introduction to Lattice Theory with Computer Science Applications: Examines; posets, Dilworth’s theorem, merging algorithms, lattices, lattice completion, morphisms, modular and distributive lattices, slicing, interval orders, tractable posets, lattice enumeration algorithms, and dimension theory Provides end of chapter exercises to help readers retain newfound knowledge on each subject Includes supplementary material at www.ece.utexas.edu/~garg Introduction to Lattice Theory with Computer Science Applications is written for students of computer science, as well as practicing mathematicians.

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Jerry Key: "рисую"

Jerimah "Jerry" Albert Key. ‹ Back to Key surname. Is your surname Key? Research the Key family. Start your family tree now. Jerimah "Jerry" Albert Key's Geni Profile. Contact profile manager. View family tree. ... Historical records matching Jerimah "Jerry" Albert Key. Jeramiah A Key in 1900 United States Federal Census. Jeramiah A Key. Collection: 1900 United States Federal Census.

Jerry Key | Кинориум

Key Jerry. Основной стиль: Breaks Любимые стили: Drum & Bass, Dub, Electro, Electro House, Experimental, Hip-hop/Rap, House, Instrumental, Jazz, Reggae, Rock, Techno, Trance. DJ, поэт. Пожалуйста, зарегистрируйтесь (это быстро!) или войдите, чтобы увидеть контактную информацию. Отправить сообщение →. PR. 0.

Автосигнализация Fighter Jerry - AvtoGSM.ru

Fighter Jerry - многофункциональная автосигнализация, в которой воплотились современные ... Общий вес: 1 кг Продано: 1 шт Производство: Китай.

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3D Systems provides comprehensive products and services, including 3D printers, print materials, software, on-demand manufacturing services, and healthcare ...

Накладной светильник 1x60W (E27) титан/неокрашенный Jerry ...

Накладной Светильник для натяжного потолка - 1x60W (E27) титан/неокрашенный Jerry :: Компания «VINYL CEILING» : Натяжные потолки со ...

Экспоненты и продукты - ИНТЕРПЛАСТИКА 2019 – Павильон ...

Компания ББМ – немецкий производитель экструзионно-выдувного оборудования для производства технический изделий и упаковки: канистр, ...

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Jerry Baby хипсит трансформер - Pognae новые кндр | Festima.Ru ...

... трансформер Jerry Baby Fly, аналог Pognae , производство КНДР корея. ... The* – Make It Easy On Yourself G7 Melanie (2) – Brand New Key G8 Gilbert ...

Tom and Jerry in midnight snack - Hot Games Best

2 авг. 2015 г. - Tom and Jerry in midnight snack. By ... Jerry steal cheese ... Converse, потому что данный производитель широко известен по всему миру ...

Wonderware - Wikipedia

Wonderware is a brand of industrial software sold by Aveva. Wonderware was part of Invensys ... Jerry Spellman was a no-nonsense former World War ll veteran who listened to Morin's pitch over ... Another longtime friend of Morin's, Chet Tomsick was pivotal in implementing the first installation and became a key advisor.

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Размер 128 Пиджак Gerry Weber Gerry Weber GE002EWCZJE3 Толстовка Wearcraft ... Лонгслив printio хан соло и чуббака star wars купить по низкой цене.

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Открывайте новую музыку каждый день. Лента с персональными рекомендациями и музыкальными новинками, радио, подборки на любой вкус, удобное управление своей коллекцией. Миллионы композиций бесплатно и в хорошем качестве.

Веганское мороженое Ben & Jerry's понравится всем - Позитайм.ru

11 июн. 2015 г. - Теперь стало известно, что компания Ben & Jerry's готова выйти на рынок с веганской версией своего знаменитого мороженого.

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The company has more than 35,000 employees worldwide and operates in more than 50 countries, with innovation hubs in five key geographies – USA, Europe, ...

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Jerry Key. Нашлось 3 человека. Jerry Key. Проживание. Страна: США Город: Chicago. Среднее образование. Школа: Abraham Lincoln Elementary School , 2015 Chicago. Страница в интернете: https://vk.com/id230827045. Jerry Key. Проживание. Страница в интернете: https://vk.com/id224306399.

J K E Y | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Исполнитель: Jerry Leonide Название альбома: The Key Год выпуска: 2014 Формат файлов: mp3 Размер архива: 135.84 Мб Скачать с: rusfolder.com. 01. Independance Day (Part 1) 02. Mauritius 03. Black River Road 04. The Key 05. Rue de Paris (Part 1) 06. Rue de Paris (Part 2) 07.

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Недавние списки от Jerry. Jerry: сохраненные места. 0 места обновлены. 0 мест. Jerry: понравившиеся места. 0 места обновлены. 0 мест. Недавние подсказки от Jerry. Сохранить. "Аня офигенно стрижет, всем советую!" Jerry · Август 5, 2012. Маска. Косметика.

Jerry M Key

ⓍJerry-KeyⓍ™ (you fucked). добавила друга. 28 июн 2016. 28 июн 2016. Malachite Fusion. ⓍJerry-KeyⓍ™ (you fucked). получила подарок на день рождения от Одноклассников. 3 апр 2016. 3 апр 2016. ⓍJerry-KeyⓍ™ (you fucked). добавила друга. 12 апр 2015. 12 апр 2015. Skull Kid. ⓍJerry-KeyⓍ™ (you fucked). получила подарок на день рождения от Одноклассников. 3 апр 2015. 3 апр 2015. ⓍJerry-KeyⓍ™ (you fucked). добавила 2 друзей. 11 дек 2014.

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THE CHOICE OF JERRY THOMAS ... Kinahan's L.L. is known to have been the whiskey of choice for Jerry Thomas since ... KEY EVENTS IN OUR HISTORY.

Declaring Self: A Key to Self Differentiation - Special Guest...

Jerry Wise explains the dynamics of the family systems concept of "declaring self" which is self assertiveness from a systems perspective. For more help contact Jerry T. Wise, MA, MS at 317-919-6264 jwlearning@hotmail.com. codependency. enmeshment.

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... Kids Mack Truck, Jerry Peterbilt, Luigi and Lightning McQueen Monster Truck - songs for kids ... Keegan ...Homepage -Projector, Monitor, Lighting, Speaker | BenQ USAhttps://www.benq.com/Сохраненная копияПеревести эту страницуWelcome to the BenQ America website. BenQ offers products including Projectors, LCD Monitors, Speaker, Lighting.

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Sander Winter//Weihnachten 2018 Gobelin Tischset Jerry im 4-er Set, 32x48 cm ... российских производителей строительных и отделочных материалов.

mouldering - Русский перевод – Словарь Linguee

Jerry started his career. [...] as an apprentice moulder/core maker in the [...] foundry industry. wheelabratorgroup.com. wheelabratorgroup.com. Начал свою.

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Taizhou City Novia Tools Co., Ltd. Audited Supplier; Zhejiang China; Тип Бизнеса: Торговая Компания; Основные Продукции: Пистолет, Воздушные ...

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Вы найдете новые и б/у товары в Tom & jerry Gold Key серебряный век комиксов ... Tom & Jerry Funhouse No 215-1963 - "шум производители крышка!".

Музыкальные обучалочки Железновых "The Key of the Kingdom ...

Музыкальные обучалочки Железновых The Key of the Kingdom, арт.1529 (CD), для детей от 1 года до 3 лет. Описание. ... Производитель, Весть-ТДА.

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Лонгслив Том и Джери #737057. 1 2 3 4 5. 0.0 5 0 0 голосов. от Ирина ... мультфильм · · old school · · tom and jerry · · cartoon. Previous. Детская футболка ...

Бандана для мужчин или женщин anchor бандана от бренда Sailor ...

Унисекс бандана anchor бандана от производителя Sailor Jerry. Страна изготовления - США. Текущая цена 735 руб. Спешите купить со скидкой ...

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Регистрация. jerry key. Защищенные твиты. @key_jerry. Твиты Твиты, текущая страница. 1. Еще. Не игнорировать @key_jerry. Игнорировать @key_jerry. Читать Читать @key_jerry. Читаю Вы читаете @key_jerry. Отмена Перестать читать @key_jerry. В черном списке @key_jerry в черном списке. Убрать из чёрного списка Убрать @key_jerry из черного списка. Ещё не подтверждено В ожидании: запрос на чтение от @key_jerry. Отмена Отменить ваш запрос на чтение @key_jerry.

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key; Авторизация · Регистрация · Оформление заказа .... Производители ... Rick and Morty: Jerry · Funko; Производитель: Funko; Доступность: 1; FK22962 ...

Игрушка на присоске - УМНЫЙ РУЛЬ (свет, озвуч. укр. яз.) - Jerry

Производитель: Kiddieland - preschool. Модель: Игрушка на присоске - УМНЫЙ РУЛЬ (свет, озвуч. укр. яз.) Наличие: Есть в наличии. 495.00 грн

Official Intrust Super Cup profile of Jerry Key for Central Queensland ...

The Intrust Super Cup profile of Jerry Key including career statistics, season stats, games, tries, goals, tackles and fantasy scores.Не найдено: производительJerry Key Profiles | Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/public/Jerry-KeyСохраненная копияПохожиеПеревести эту страницуView the profiles of people named Jerry Key. Join Facebook to connect with Jerry Key and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share...Не найдено: производительJerry Key Men Spring-Summer and Fall-Winter Collections - Shop ...https://www.yoox.com/us/men/shoponline/jerry%20key_dСохраненная копияПеревести эту страницуShop designer items by Jerry Key online. Choose the perfect piece for you: easy, quick returns and secure payment!Не найдено: производительБренд Ben Jerry s намерен выпустить мороженое со вкусом пиваwww.frozenproducts.ru/.../brendbenjerrysnamerenvypustitmorozhenoesovkusompiva....Сохраненная копия30 июн. 2016 г. - Производитель мороженого Ben Jerry s планируют начать новое сотрудничество с пивоварней New Brewing Belgium.

Стол Raven Wood + Стулья Jerry Soft 4 шт. (Стол ... - Express China

Производство этой страны всегда идет вперед, ставя цель быть первыми на рынке и предлагать стол Raven Wood + стулья Jerry Soft по конкурентным ...

BENQ — с английского на русский

... Taipei, Taiwan key people = K.Y. Lee, Chairman; Jerry Wang, Vice Chairman and CMO; ... BenQ-Siemens EL71 — Производитель BenQ Mobile GmbH Co.

Jerry Key ~ Sinematurk.com

Jerry Key. Paylaş: Yapımcı (1). Branded Sinema Filmi 2018. Son Yorumlar. İlk Yorumu Sen Yap! Yalnız Önce Giriş Yapmalısın.

* Gerry Marsden and The Beatles * - 1...3 - Beatles.ru

28 дек. 2014 г. - Gerry and the Pacemakers was the second group signed by Brian Epstein and ... and Les Chadwick—Gerry Marsden maintained a low-key career on .... "Mars" на спонсорство, однако производители сладостей имели на ...

City of San Diego Official Website

Ten Key Steps to Starting Your BusinessLearn More · Library Learn, Connect + Discover. Library. The San Diego Public Library is a popular destination that ...

Картридж Dendy 4 в 1 [YH-8028] (Tom & Jerry /Adv.Lolo/Solomom's ...

Картридж Dendy 4 в 1 [YH-8028] (Tom & Jerry /Adv.Lolo/Solomom's Key..) купить в Санкт-Петербурге недорого Dendy2.ru.

admin – eLowBox

6 мар. 2018 г. - While Jerry is one of our best sales managers, he is also an avid blogger, ... напрямую у китайских производителей, не обязательно самому ...

Tom & jerry несертифицированные комиксы Gold Key серебра - eBay

Tom and Jerry: The Mouse from T.R.A.P. #1 VG; Gold Key | low ... Tom & Jerry Funhouse No 215-1963 - "шум производители крышка!" 467,68 руб. Лучший ...

Отзывы на "Gerry Weber, Хоружей" - Otzyvy.by

Отзывы на магазины, салоны одежды и белья, о качестве товаров, ... Описанный инцидент произошел именно в магазине Gerry Weber в ТЦ Зеркало?

Jerry Garcia cravate Pure soie chaussure de Tennis s'échapper ...

Jerry Garcia cravate Pure soie chaussure de Tennis s'échapper Grateful Dead ... Производство мясокостной муки ... Производство технических жиров.

Музыкальный профиль jerry-key | Last.fm

Jerry @jerry_key. Sertification specialist 24 y.o. Moscow, Russia. vk.com/jerrykey. 328 posts 325 followers 240 following. Instagram photos and videos. #эгриси #ятренер на обычный футбол не хожу, а тут дорвался 😅. 13.

Exposure X4 | Creative photo editor and organizer - Alien Skin

Exposure's RAW processing engine provides exceptional quality, making your photos look their best. You'll find outstanding performance in all the key areas of ...

Комментарии к фотографиям Demon Slipknot – 37 комментариев ...

В данном случае производитель использует 100%-ый хлопок ... Demon Slipknot. Sailor Jerry Western Shirt – рубашка с длинными рукавами от Sailor Jerry.

Gurucul: Security Analytics | UEBA & IdA | Machine Learning on Big Data

Key Business Benefits –. Predict and detect unknown threats. Act on risk prioritized ... Jerry Archer. Chief Security Officer, Major Financial Services Company.

The Key - CD - The Key - Jerry Léonide - Artists - ACT Music...

"The Key", the debut album of the Mauritian pianist Jerry Léonide is the key to a whole world; to the music and joie de vivre of an island paradise in the Indian Ocean. Léonide translates the irresistible, bouncingly danceable, clearly African influenced grooves and light and breezy crystal-clear melodies of his homeland into the vocabulary of jazz.

moulder - Russian translation – Linguee

Jerry started his career. [...] as an apprentice moulder/core maker in the [...] foundry industry. wheelabratorgroup.com. wheelabratorgroup.com. Начал свою.

Hummingbirds Visit From Heaven... // Memorial Support ...

... 200 ведущих компаний — производителей и поставщиков канцелярских и ... Communications K409A-K1A-13.0 · Tom and jerry lanyard tom and jerry key ...

Jerry Key слушать и скачать mp3 — MIXMUZ

Jerry Key. Друзья. Мои заведения. Фотографии. Сообщества. Факты. Публикации. ... Jerry Key. Геном: 7. 2065087-ой в рейтинге. Москва. Последний раз был 29 октября 2012. 2016607. Нет в списке популярных пользователей.

CD Jerry Leonide (geb. 1984) - The Key s/s (торги завершены ...

2 сент. 2018 г. - “Всё как всегда отлично! Спасибо и мои наилучшие рекомендации!!!” Читать все отзывы → ... CD Jerry Leonide (geb. 1984) - The Key s/s ...

Jerry Key

Jerry Key. Друзья. Мои заведения. Фотографии. Сообщества. Факты. Публикации. ... Jerry Key. Геном: 7. 2103515 в рейтинге. Москва. Последний раз был 29 жовтня 2012. 2016607. Нет в списке популярных пользователей.

Volkswagen Group Homepage

The Volkswagen Group with its headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany is one of the world's leading manufacturers of automobiles and commercial vehicles.

Купить Велосипед Formula Jerry 20" в Киеве и Украине | Цены на ...

У нас большой выбор велосипед formula jerry 20" по хорошей цене. Смотрите сайт ... производителя 18 месяцев Обмен/возврат товара в течение 14 ...

Фигурка Funko POP Tom and Jerry - Jerry Джерри Купить в магазине ...

Обзор; Отзывы (0). Фигурка Джерри из мультсериала "Том и Джерри". Оскароносный мультсериал, созданный Уильямом Ханна Джозефом Барбера в ...

Gerry Ross интернет магазин в Минске – отзывы, адреса и ...

Интернет-магазин Gerry Ross в Минске – отзывы, телефоны, график работы и карта проезда на Relax.by.

TomTom | Home

TOMTOM Technology for a moving world. Meet the leading independent location, navigation and map technology specialist.

Wiko Jerry. Root на Wiko Jerry - Wiko - прошивки, hard reset

Wiko Jerry - root, прошивки, характеристики, игры, программы и цена. Wiko Jerry работает под управлением операционной системы Android 6.0.

Просмотр видео - Tesa TK100 TESA TK100 Euro Profile Cylinder ...

Производитель: Tesa. Артикул: TK100 ... The tips of the five key pins on the right hand side are aligned. However the ...Просмотр видео - Yale Single Pin Picking A Yale 6 Pin Half Euro ...www.zamkidveri.com/forum/vv_test/video/4123_Yale_.html▶ 3:3815 апр. 2017 г. - Добавлено пользователем waddac2Производитель: Yale. ... The key biting is cool, but that's not a problem for you, as always, is a ... waddac2 ...Wiko Jerry Max: Цена, особенности и где купить - Kimovilhttps://www.kimovil.ru › Все смартфоны › Все бренды телефонов › WikoСохраненная копияОт 66,40 €Здесь вы найдете где купить Wiko Jerry Max всего за 66.40€, по самой ... 8 GB ((Емкость с операционной системой зависит от производителя и ROM): 6-7 ...

Дизайн интерьера- от 150грн/м2, ремонт под ключ! Демонтажные ...

23 февр. 2018 г. - Строительная компания «ЗУБР» – искусство создавать комфорт! .... Jerry UA. Регистрация: 26.03.2009. Адрес: Харьков. Из: Ukraine.

Биометрические системы. Контроль доступа

Новый Tom and Jerry плюшевая игрушка мягкая плюшевая игрушка кукла Cat мышь фигурка 10" Тедди. Совершенно новый. От 676,47 руб. до 1 100,32 руб.

Лонгслив Printio Tiger old school - uptax.ru

Футболка Wearcraft Premium Slim Fit Printio Tiger old school ... old school tattoos, including gypsy, ship, anchor, pin up, eagle and Sailor Jerry designs.

Laura Mercier Cosmetics

Discover the latest in artistry makeup and skincare at Laura Mercier. Explore new and iconic products across foundations, lipstick, eyeliner and more.

Jerry mendel introduction to type 2 fuzzy logic control theory and applications. Лонгслив Printio Tiger old school - uptax.ru

Футболка Wearcraft Premium Slim Fit Printio Tiger old school ... old school tattoos, including gypsy, ship, anchor, pin up, eagle and Sailor Jerry designs.

Купить Лонгслив Gerry Weber по выгодной цене на Яндекс.Маркете

RUR 4,026.00<br />Лонгслив Gerry Weber. Цены, отзывы покупателей о товаре и магазинах, условия доставки и возврата — всё на одной странице.

Лонгслив printio jerry lenihlopokshop.ru

Лонгслив — цвет: белый, пол: Муж. Мультипликационный мышонок-герой из известной ... Футболка с полной запечаткой (женская) Printio Tom not jerry.

Jerome Hoffman - Dechert LLP

Jerome A. Hoffman is the past chair of the labor and employment practice group.

Відео-огляд Alvarez RD26 CE - Юритмікс

Компания Alvarez уже более 45 лет является одним из ведущих ... Cash), Crosby, Still&Nash, Джерри Гарсиа (Jerry Garcia), Боб Вейр (Bob Weir), Карлос ...

Error 467

Visit the key.com home page. Search the site using the search box at the top of this page. Call 1-800-KEY2YOU (539-2968) for more info or contact Key.com support and provide the following Incident Number: 123. Equal Housing Lender. Member.

Портрет компании ANALOG DEVICES - ecworld.ru

По устоявшемуся мнению, большинство фирм производителей электронных ... Совета: Ray Stata; Президент & CEO: Jerry Fishman; Штат: 8.900 человек ...

USB флешка Uniq 2.0 и 3.0 Резина Скрипичный Ключ резина ...

Производитель: Uniq™ | "Юник". Материал корпуса: Резина (Цвет: Белый, Черный). Тип крепления: Брелок. Память: SiliconPower NAND. Скорость ...

Jerry Key

Jerry Key. Jerry Key. Rating: 7. 2059923 in rating.

Классический костюм от HUGO BOSS за 41 230 рублей со скидкой ...

-Классический костюм от HUGO BOSS. -Лацканы, шлица, листочка, два прорезных кармана с клапанами, длинные рукава. -Шлевки, четыре прорезных ...

1 ТБ Жесткий диск WD VelociRaptor [WD1000DHTZ] - DNS

Для снижения рабочей температуры накопителя производитель закрепил его в монтажной рамке диагональю 3,5 дюйма. Модель WD VelociRaptor ...

Minions, 13 cm, Jerry - Мягкие игрушки - Photopoint

Мягкие игрушки - Description Pluszowy minionek Jerry, 13 cm.

Фольксваген Тигуан 2015г., Оглавление, 200 л.с. - Дром

14 авг. 2017 г. - Этот отзыв уже не первый - Предыдущие отзывы здесь Отзыв о .... Как только машина была привезена ко мне я завёз её к Jerry на ...

Jerry Can | Steel Jerry Can | Nato Cans | Gas Can

Jerry Can offers high quality Wavian Jerry Cans. ... It has been used for fuel, gas, water and other liquids as a key component of military logistics, becoming a widely recognized basic item of military equipment. It has evolved from its German origins as a steel container to the modern plastic jerry cans in military use by the U.S. by NATO and many other countries.

Стул JERRY - Мебель Салона

Собственное производство; Гарантия качества. Мы принимаем к оплате карты VISA и MasterCard: Купить в кредит. Доставка по всей России.

Teknos: Industrial coatings

Takkatie 3, P.O. Box 107. FI-00370 Helsinki Finland. +358 9 506 091. Inside Teknos. History · Careers · Key figures · Management · Sustainability. Newsroom.

(Score) Большое ограбление поезда / The Great Train Robbery (by ...

Композитор: Jerry Goldsmith Год выпуска диска: ... Страна-производитель диска: USA Издатель ... The First Key / Bordello Raid (0:51) 07.

Schneider Electric управление энергией и автоматизация ...

АСУ ТП, автоматизация зданий и безопасность, электроустановочные изделия, контроль и управление энергопотреблением, системы резервного ...

Купить television personalities television personalities and they all ...

December 1968:featuring Sammy Davis Jr., The Checkmates, Jerry Lewis and Anthony. ... Лонгслив Printio Music television television personalities television ...

Moscow Licensing Summit 2018 – Встреча правообладателей ...

30 авг. 2018 г. - ... Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them/Harry Potter, Tom & Jerry, .... Организатор Moscow Licensing Summit – компания «ГРАНД ...

Как разблокировать графический ключ - YouTube

... данных и автоматической переустановкой системы,, в случае если это предусмотрено производителем только Вашего телефона.Создание сайтов студией JerryLab - разработка сайтов под ключhttps://jerrylab.ru › УслугиСохраненная копия18 окт. 2018 г. - Создание сайтов · Создание корпоративного сайта · Создание интернет-магазина · ОТЗЫВЫ · БЛОГ · КОНТАКТЫ ...

Купить Metro goldwyn mayer в интернет магазинах Москвы

Лонгслив Printio Metro-goldwyn-mayer / mgm ... Детская футболка классическая унисекс Printio Jerry ... Толстовка Wearcraft Premium унисекс Printio Jerry.

Стул JERRY - Мебель Салона

Собственное производство; Гарантия качества. Мы принимаем к оплате карты VISA и MasterCard: купить в кредит. Доставка по всей России. Рассчитать ...

Том и Джерри: Шерлок Холмс - купить фильм Tom & Jerry Meet ...

От производителя. Невозможно не смеяться над тем, как комичные кот и мышонок пытаются превзойти великого сыщика! В центре Лондона похищен ...

JerryRigEverything опубликовал рейтинг наиболее и наименее ...

6 янв. 2018 г. - ... что его производитель внес изменения в конструкцию после критики блогеров и критиков. Речь о модели BlackBerry Key One, которой ...

Способы обхода аккаунта Google (FRP) после сброса - 4PDA

12 февр. 2016 г. - Что ж и такое допускаю, разнообразие производителей приводит к тому, что среди них всегда найдется такой, который накосячит. kory- ...

Купить Оптом Бесплатная Доставка Тома И Джерри Ключевые ...

Бесплатная доставка Тома и Джерри Ключевые цепи Симпатичные Мягкие Key Ring Key Держатель ПВХ Мультфильм Смазливая брелок Дети партии ...

Embrayage de rockabilly, sac de Sailor Jerry, tissu Sailor Jerry ...

Embrayage de rockabilly, sac de Sailor Jerry, tissu Sailor Jerry, pochette rétro, ... Производство мясокостной муки ... Производство технических жиров.

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Майка классическая Printio M&m fashion m. Перейти. Майка классическая Printio M&m fashion. Найти похожие. 1210 Р. Лонгслив Printio M&m fashion m.

Traktor 3 - homad.ru

3 Crack (x86x64)Native Instruments Traktor Pro 2. tom jerry tom and jerry cartoon ..... 27 сен 2018 И сейчас производитель анонсировал выход новой версии ...

Дисплей Wiko Jerry модуль тачскрин (экран + сенсорное стекло ...

Дисплей Wiko Jerry тачскрин (экран и сенсор) модуль купить в магазине Сигнал0629 ... Производитель: Wiko; Модель: 5013-2; Наличие: Есть в наличии ...

Wiko Jerry нужна прошивка - GSMForum.RU

26 июл. 2018 г. - Тема: Wiko Jerry нужна прошивка ... Vigys box.mx key.Sigma key.NS pro.mx box.best dongle. ..... Остальные производители · Прошивки и ...

Купить футболка классическая printio jerry с доставкой ...

Лонгслив Printio Jerry. Лонгслив — цвет: белый, пол: Муж. Мультипликационный мышонок-герой из известной компании Metro-Goldwyn -Mayer.

Шини вживане і нове - купити, продаж | MachineryZone

Шина 15,5/80-24 Superking Размер -15,5/80-24 Страна производитель: Индия Мы предлагаем не только широкий ассортимент самых разнообразных ...

Homepage | Gates Corporation

by Jerry Key. Своя квартира. 10311 want. 948 have. 10311 like. Своя квартира. by Jerry Key. Идеальную фигуру. 9180 WANT. ... by Jerry Key. 1 390 RUB. Бежевые ботинки на толстой подошве. 139 want. 6 have. 139 like. Бежевые ботинки на толстой подошве.

Wiko Jerry 2: Цена, особенности и где купить - Kimovil

Здесь вы найдете где купить Wiko Jerry 2 всего за 64.25€, по самой ... 16 GB ((Емкость с операционной системой зависит от производителя и ROM): 9-15 ...

ФЛЕШКА : КЛЮЧ Дверной черный Купить USB flash по лучшей ...

Гаджет изготовлен популярным производителем UNIQ, имеет память SiliconPower NAND и поддерживает практически все операционные системы.

Doglike "Ключ" - Kotofey24.ru

Долговечная игрушка для развития жевательных мышц, массажа десен в период прорезывания зубов для собак. Выберите размер упаковки.

Стул для мастера педикюра JERRY купить за 15 589 р по ...

В интернет магазине Салон и СПА в наличии Стул для мастера педикюра JERRY. Цена 15588.1. Доставка по ... Статус: Страна производителя: Италия ...

Стул для мастера педикюра JERRY С - описание и характеристики ...

Стул для мастера педикюра JERRY С в Саратове - описание, цена от производителя с доставкой недорого. 8 (800) 333-14-16.

« Vous êtes un Jerry, pas un Rick » - Почему Сарпродтрейд?

Производство мясокостной муки. Мясокостная мука — это белковый продукт, получаемый в процессе переработки костной массы, жил, хрящей и других ...

PING - Home Page

... Trevor Murphy · Daniel Summerhays · Ted Purdy · Brian Richey · Jerry Ruiz .... NOTE: Some key combinations might conflict with keys used by your browser ...

Подпишитесь на наши новости

Sander Winter//Weihnachten 2018 Gobelin Tischset Jerry im 4-er Set, 32x48 cm sander TABLE /& HOME Weihnachtsgeschenke. ... Messing Kugelhahn Alu-Griff PN 30 /(I//A/) 1//2 Zoll MT Business Key · Target Dart-Tasche ... Производители.

#НамПишут: Как купить CleanMyMac для macOS Sierra со скидкой ...

22 сент. 2016 г. - Мне компания прислала предложение на участие в опросе по .... на Chrome, который не убивается «Tom and Jerry», примеров масса.

Стартер…комплектующие-сборка — бортжурнал Mitsubishi Pajero ...

... Pajero Renovation Jerry › Бортжурнал › Стартер…комплектующие-сборка ... выписал код заказа, полез в эмекс… цена 58р срок 6 дней производство ...

Здравствуйте. У нас в магазине кеды есть громадный ассортимент товаров. Виктор

Kang-Zhi Liu Robust Control. Theory and Applications

Comprehensive and up to date coverage of robust control theory and its application • Presented in a well-planned and logical way • Written by a respected leading author, with extensive experience in robust control • Accompanying website provides solutions manual and other supplementary material

12349.01 РУБ



Talbot Hugues Mathematical Morphology. From Theory to Applications

Mathematical Morphology allows for the analysis and processing of geometrical structures using techniques based on the fields of set theory, lattice theory, topology, and random functions. It is the basis of morphological image processing, and finds applications in fields including digital image processing (DSP), as well as areas for graphs, surface meshes, solids, and other spatial structures. This book presents an up-to-date treatment of mathematical morphology, based on the three pillars that made it an important field of theoretical work and practical application: a solid theoretical foundation, a large body of applications and an efficient implementation. The book is divided into five parts and includes 20 chapters. The five parts are structured as follows: Part I sets out the fundamental aspects of the discipline, starting with a general introduction, followed by two more theory-focused chapters, one addressing its mathematical structure and including an updated formalism, which is the result of several decades of work. Part II extends this formalism to some non-deterministic aspects of the theory, in particular detailing links with other disciplines such as stereology, geostatistics and fuzzy logic. Part III addresses the theory of morphological filtering and segmentation, featuring modern connected approaches, from both theoretical and practical aspects. Part IV features practical aspects of mathematical morphology, in particular how to deal with color and multivariate data, links to discrete geometry and topology, and some algorithmic aspects; without which applications would be impossible. Part V showcases all the previously noted fields of work through a sample of interesting, representative and varied applications.

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Plamen Angelov Autonomous Learning Systems. From Data Streams to Knowledge in Real-time

Autonomous Learning Systems is the result of over a decade of focused research and studies in this emerging area which spans a number of well-known and well-established disciplines that include machine learning, system identification, data mining, fuzzy logic, neural networks, neuro-fuzzy systems, control theory and pattern recognition. The evolution of these systems has been both industry-driven with an increasing demand from sectors such as defence and security, aerospace and advanced process industries, bio-medicine and intelligent transportation, as well as research-driven – there is a strong trend of innovation of all of the above well-established research disciplines that is linked to their on-line and real-time application; their adaptability and flexibility. Providing an introduction to the key technologies, detailed technical explanations of the methodology, and an illustration of the practical relevance of the approach with a wide range of applications, this book addresses the challenges of autonomous learning systems with a systematic approach that lays the foundations for a fast growing area of research that will underpin a range of technological applications vital to both industry and society. Key features: Presents the subject systematically from explaining the fundamentals to illustrating the proposed approach with numerous applications. Covers a wide range of applications in fields including unmanned vehicles/robotics, oil refineries, chemical industry, evolving user behaviour and activity recognition. Reviews traditional fields including clustering, classification, control, fault detection and anomaly detection, filtering and estimation through the prism of evolving and autonomously learning mechanisms. Accompanied by a website hosting additional material, including the software toolbox and lecture notes. Autonomous Learning Systems provides a ‘one-stop shop’ on the subject for academics, students, researchers and practicing engineers. It is also a valuable reference for Government agencies and software developers.

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Hassan Badr M. Pumping Machinery Theory and Practice

Pumping Machinery Theory and Practice comprehensively covers the theoretical foundation and applications of pumping machinery. Key features: Covers characteristics of centrifugal pumps, axial flow pumps and displacement pumps Considers pumping machinery performance and operational-type problems Covers advanced topics in pumping machinery including multiphase flow principles, and two and three-phase flow pumping systems Covers different methods of flow rate control and relevance to machine efficiency and energy consumption Covers different methods of flow rate control and relevance to machine efficiency and energy consumption

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Farhan Faruqi A. Differential Game Theory with Applications to Missiles and Autonomous Systems Guidance

Differential Game Theory with Applications to Missiles and Autonomous Systems explains the use of differential game theory in autonomous guidance and control systems. The book begins with an introduction to the basic principles before considering optimum control and game theory. Two-party and multi-party game theory and guidance are then covered and, finally, the theory is demonstrated through simulation examples and models and the simulation results are discussed. Recent developments in the area of guidance and autonomous systems are also presented. Key features: Presents new developments and how they relate to established control systems knowledge. Demonstrates the theory through simulation examples and models. Covers two-party and multi-party game theory and guidance. Accompanied by a website hosting MATLAB® code. The book is essential reading for researchers and practitioners in the aerospace and defence industries as well as graduate students in aerospace engineering.

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Derong Liu Fundamentals of Computational Intelligence. Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, and Evolutionary Computation

Provides an in-depth and even treatment of the three pillars of computational intelligence and how they relate to one another This book covers the three fundamental topics that form the basis of computational intelligence: neural networks, fuzzy systems, and evolutionary computation. The text focuses on inspiration, design, theory, and practical aspects of implementing procedures to solve real-world problems. While other books in the three fields that comprise computational intelligence are written by specialists in one discipline, this book is co-written by current former Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, a former Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, and the founding Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation. The coverage across the three topics is both uniform and consistent in style and notation. Discusses single-layer and multilayer neural networks, radial-basis function networks, and recurrent neural networks Covers fuzzy set theory, fuzzy relations, fuzzy logic interference, fuzzy clustering and classification, fuzzy measures and fuzzy integrals Examines evolutionary optimization, evolutionary learning and problem solving, and collective intelligence Includes end-of-chapter practice problems that will help readers apply methods and techniques to real-world problems Fundamentals of Computational intelligence is written for advanced undergraduates, graduate students, and practitioners in electrical and computer engineering, computer science, and other engineering disciplines.

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Dr. Gurocak Hakan Industrial Motion Control. Motor Selection, Drives, Controller Tuning, Applications

Motion control is widely used in all types of industries including packaging, assembly, textile, paper, printing, food processing, wood products, machinery, electronics and semiconductor manufacturing. Industrial motion control applications use specialized equipment and require system design and integration. To design such systems, engineers need to be familiar with industrial motion control products; be able to bring together control theory, kinematics, dynamics, electronics, simulation, programming and machine design; apply interdisciplinary knowledge; and deal with practical application issues. The book is intended to be an introduction to the topic for senior level undergraduate mechanical and electrical engineering students. It should also be resource for system design engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, project managers, industrial engineers, manufacturing engineers, product managers, field engineers, and programmers in industry.

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He Matthew Mathematics of Bioinformatics. Theory, Methods and Applications

Mathematics of Bioinformatics: Theory, Methods, and Applications provides a comprehensive format for connecting and integrating information derived from mathematical methods and applying it to the understanding of biological sequences, structures, and networks. Each chapter is divided into a number of sections based on the bioinformatics topics and related mathematical theory and methods. Each topic of the section is comprised of the following three parts: an introduction to the biological problems in bioinformatics; a presentation of relevant topics of mathematical theory and methods to the bioinformatics problems introduced in the first part; an integrative overview that draws the connections and interfaces between bioinformatics problems/issues and mathematical theory/methods/applications.

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Mohammad Arashi Theory of Ridge Regression Estimation with Applications

A guide to the systematic analytical results for ridge, LASSO, preliminary test, and Stein-type estimators with applications Theory of Ridge Regression Estimation with Applications offers a comprehensive guide to the theory and methods of estimation. Ridge regression and LASSO are at the center of all penalty estimators in a range of standard models that are used in many applied statistical analyses. Written by noted experts in the field, the book contains a thorough introduction to penalty and shrinkage estimation and explores the role that ridge, LASSO, and logistic regression play in the computer intensive area of neural network and big data analysis. Designed to be accessible, the book presents detailed coverage of the basic terminology related to various models such as the location and simple linear models, normal and rank theory-based ridge, LASSO, preliminary test and Stein-type estimators.The authors also include problem sets to enhance learning. This book is a volume in the Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics series that provides essential and invaluable reading for all statisticians. This important resource: Offers theoretical coverage and computer-intensive applications of the procedures presented Contains solutions and alternate methods for prediction accuracy and selecting model procedures Presents the first book to focus on ridge regression and unifies past research with current methodology Uses R throughout the text and includes a companion website containing convenient data sets Written for graduate students, practitioners, and researchers in various fields of science, Theory of Ridge Regression Estimation with Applications is an authoritative guide to the theory and methodology of statistical estimation.

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Xiaoyu Cai Formation Control of Multi-Agent Systems. A Graph Rigidity Approach

Formation Control of Multi-Agent Systems: A Graph Rigidity Approach Marcio de Queiroz, Louisiana State University, USA Xiaoyu Cai, FARO Technologies, USA Matthew Feemster, U.S. Naval Academy, USA A comprehensive guide to formation control of multi-agent systems using rigid graph theory This book is the first to provide a comprehensive and unified treatment of the subject of graph rigidity-based formation control of multi-agent systems. Such systems are relevant to a variety of emerging engineering applications, including unmanned robotic vehicles and mobile sensor networks. Graph theory, and rigid graphs in particular, provides a natural tool for describing the multi-agent formation shape as well as the inter-agent sensing, communication, and control topology. Beginning with an introduction to rigid graph theory, the contents of the book are organized by the agent dynamic model (single integrator, double integrator, and mechanical dynamics) and by the type of formation problem (formation acquisition, formation manoeuvring, and target interception). The book presents the material in ascending level of difficulty and in a self-contained manner; thus, facilitating reader understanding. Key features: Uses the concept of graph rigidity as the basis for describing the multi-agent formation geometry and solving formation control problems. Considers different agent models and formation control problems. Control designs throughout the book progressively build upon each other. Provides a primer on rigid graph theory. Combines theory, computer simulations, and experimental results. Formation Control of Multi-Agent Systems: A Graph Rigidity Approach is targeted at researchers and graduate students in the areas of control systems and robotics. Prerequisite knowledge includes linear algebra, matrix theory, control systems, and nonlinear systems.

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E. Barron N. Game Theory. An Introduction

An exciting new edition of the popular introduction to game theory and its applications The thoroughly expanded Second Edition presents a unique, hands-on approach to game theory. While most books on the subject are too abstract or too basic for mathematicians, Game Theory: An Introduction, Second Edition offers a blend of theory and applications, allowing readers to use theory and software to create and analyze real-world decision-making models. With a rigorous, yet accessible, treatment of mathematics, the book focuses on results that can be used to determine optimal game strategies. Game Theory: An Introduction, Second Edition demonstrates how to use modern software, such as Maple™, Mathematica®, and Gambit, to create, analyze, and implement effective decision-making models. Coverage includes the main aspects of game theory including the fundamentals of two-person zero-sum games, cooperative games, and population games as well as a large number of examples from various fields, such as economics, transportation, warfare, asset distribution, political science, and biology. The Second Edition features: • A new chapter on extensive games, which greatly expands the implementation of available models • New sections on correlated equilibria and exact formulas for three-player cooperative games • Many updated topics including threats in bargaining games and evolutionary stable strategies • Solutions and methods used to solve all odd-numbered problems • A companion website containing the related Maple and Mathematica data sets and code A trusted and proven guide for students of mathematics and economics, Game Theory: An Introduction, Second Edition is also an excellent resource for researchers and practitioners in economics, finance, engineering, operations research, statistics, and computer science.

9107.44 РУБ



Yue Wang Cooperative Control of Multi-Agent Systems. Theory and Applications

A comprehensive review of the state of the art in the control of multi-agent systems theory and applications The superiority of multi-agent systems over single agents for the control of unmanned air, water and ground vehicles has been clearly demonstrated in a wide range of application areas. Their large-scale spatial distribution, robustness, high scalability and low cost enable multi-agent systems to achieve tasks that could not successfully be performed by even the most sophisticated single agent systems. Cooperative Control of Multi-Agent Systems: Theory and Applications provides a wide-ranging review of the latest developments in the cooperative control of multi-agent systems theory and applications. The applications described are mainly in the areas of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs). Throughout, the authors link basic theory to multi-agent cooperative control practice – illustrated within the context of highly-realistic scenarios of high-level missions – without losing site of the mathematical background needed to provide performance guarantees under general working conditions. Many of the problems and solutions considered involve combinations of both types of vehicles. Topics explored include target assignment, target tracking, consensus, stochastic game theory-based framework, event-triggered control, topology design and identification, coordination under uncertainty and coverage control. Establishes a bridge between fundamental cooperative control theory and specific problems of interest in a wide range of applications areas Includes example applications from the fields of space exploration, radiation shielding, site clearance, tracking/classification, surveillance, search-and-rescue and more Features detailed presentations of specific algorithms and application frameworks with relevant commercial and military applications Provides a comprehensive look at the latest developments in this rapidly evolving field, while offering informed speculation on future directions for collective control systems The use of multi-agent system technologies in both everyday commercial use and national defense is certain to increase tremendously in the years ahead, making this book a valuable resource for researchers, engineers, and applied mathematicians working in systems and controls, as well as advanced undergraduates and graduate students interested in those areas.

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Edward Saff Barry Fundamentals of Matrix Analysis with Applications

An accessible and clear introduction to linear algebra with a focus on matrices and engineering applications Providing comprehensive coverage of matrix theory from a geometric and physical perspective, Fundamentals of Matrix Analysis with Applications describes the functionality of matrices and their ability to quantify and analyze many practical applications. Written by a highly qualified author team, the book presents tools for matrix analysis and is illustrated with extensive examples and software implementations. Beginning with a detailed exposition and review of the Gauss elimination method, the authors maintain readers’ interest with refreshing discussions regarding the issues of operation counts, computer speed and precision, complex arithmetic formulations, parameterization of solutions, and the logical traps that dictate strict adherence to Gauss’s instructions. The book heralds matrix formulation both as notational shorthand and as a quantifier of physical operations such as rotations, projections, reflections, and the Gauss reductions. Inverses and eigenvectors are visualized first in an operator context before being addressed computationally. Least squares theory is expounded in all its manifestations including optimization, orthogonality, computational accuracy, and even function theory. Fundamentals of Matrix Analysis with Applications also features: Novel approaches employed to explicate the QR, singular value, Schur, and Jordan decompositions and their applications Coverage of the role of the matrix exponential in the solution of linear systems of differential equations with constant coefficients Chapter-by-chapter summaries, review problems, technical writing exercises, select solutions, and group projects to aid comprehension of the presented concepts Fundamentals of Matrix Analysis with Applications is an excellent textbook for undergraduate courses in linear algebra and matrix theory for students majoring in mathematics, engineering, and science. The book is also an accessible go-to reference for readers seeking clarification of the fine points of kinematics, circuit theory, control theory, computational statistics, and numerical algorithms.

9647.09 РУБ



Behrouz Farhang-Boroujeny Adaptive Filters. Theory and Applications

This second edition of Adaptive Filters: Theory and Applications has been updated throughout to reflect the latest developments in this field; notably an increased coverage given to the practical applications of the theory to illustrate the much broader range of adaptive filters applications developed in recent years. The book offers an easy to understand approach to the theory and application of adaptive filters by clearly illustrating how the theory explained in the early chapters of the book is modified for the various applications discussed in detail in later chapters. This integrated approach makes the book a valuable resource for graduate students; and the inclusion of more advanced applications including antenna arrays and wireless communications makes it a suitable technical reference for engineers, practitioners and researchers. Key features: • Offers a thorough treatment of the theory of adaptive signal processing; incorporating new material on transform domain, frequency domain, subband adaptive filters, acoustic echo cancellation and active noise control. • Provides an in-depth study of applications which now includes extensive coverage of OFDM, MIMO and smart antennas. • Contains exercises and computer simulation problems at the end of each chapter. • Includes a new companion website hosting MATLAB® simulation programs which complement the theoretical analyses, enabling the reader to gain an in-depth understanding of the behaviours and properties of the various adaptive algorithms.

10727.86 РУБ



Juha Pyrhonen Electrical Machine Drives Control. An Introduction

This comprehensive text examines existing and emerging electrical drive technologies. The authors clearly define the most basic electrical drive concepts and go on to explain the most important details while maintaining a solid connection to the theory and design of the associated electrical machines. Also including links to a number of industrial applications, the authors take their investigation of electrical drives beyond theory to examine a number of practical aspects of electrical drive control and application. Key features: * Provides a comprehensive summary of all aspects of controlled-speed electrical drive technology including control and operation. * Handling of electrical drives is solidly linked to the theory and design of the associated electrical machines. Added insight into problems and functions are illustrated with clearly understandable figures. * Offers an understanding of the main phenomena associated with electrical machine drives. * Considers the problem of bearing currents and voltage stresses of an electrical drive. * Includes up-to-date theory and design guidelines, taking into account the most recent advances. This book’s rigorous coverage of theoretical principles and techniques makes for an excellent introduction to controlled-speed electrical drive technologies for Electrical Engineering MSc or PhD students studying electrical drives. It also serves as an excellent reference for practicing electrical engineers looking to carry out design, analyses, and development of controlled-speed electrical drives.

9542.38 РУБ



Vladimir Nekorkin I. Introduction to Nonlinear Oscillations

A systematic outline of the basic theory of oscillations, combining several tools in a single textbook. The author explains fundamental ideas and methods, while equally aiming to teach students the techniques of solving specific (practical) or more complex problems. Following an introduction to fundamental notions and concepts of modern nonlinear dynamics, the text goes on to set out the basics of stability theory, as well as bifurcation theory in one and two-dimensional cases. Foundations of asymptotic methods and the theory of relaxation oscillations are presented, with much attention paid to a method of mappings and its applications. With each chapter including exercises and solutions, including computer problems, this book can be used in courses on oscillation theory for physics and engineering students. It also serves as a good reference for students and scientists in computational neuroscience.

7331.79 РУБ




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