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Kang-Zhi Liu Robust Control. Theory and Applications

Comprehensive and up to date coverage of robust control theory and its application • Presented in a well-planned and logical way • Written by a respected leading author, with extensive experience in robust control • Accompanying website provides solutions manual and other supplementary material

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Mingcong Deng Operator-Based Nonlinear Control Systems Design and Applications

Enables readers to master and apply the operator-theoretic approach Control of nonlinear systems is a multidisciplinary field involving electrical engineering, computer science, and control engineering. Specifically, this book addresses uncertain nonlinearity. Beginning with how real plants are modeled as operator-based plants, the author develops a systematic methodology that enables readers to understand a quantitative stability result, a critical factor in any nonlinear control systems stability and performance. Operator-Based Nonlinear Control Systems: Design and Applications focuses on the operator-theoretic approach, offering detailed examples on how to apply it to network controlled systems. In addition to current research results, the author explores future research directions and applications of the operator-theoretic approach. The book begins with an introduction that defines nonlinear systems. Next, it covers: Robust right coprime factorization for nonlinear plants with uncertainties Robust stability of operator-based nonlinear control systems Tracking issues and fault detection issues in nonlinear control systems Operator-based nonlinear control systems with smart actuators Nonlinear feedback control for large-scale systems using a distributed control system device Throughout the book, discussions of actual applications help readers understand how the operator-theoretic approach works in practice. Operator-Based Nonlinear Control Systems is recommended for students and professionals in control theory engineering and applied mathematics. Working with this expertly written and organized book, they will learn how to obtain robust right coprime factorization for modeled plants. Moreover, they will discover state-of-the-technology research results on robust stability conditions as well as the latest system output tracking and fault detection issues that are challenging todays researchers.

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Ricardo Maronna A. Robust Statistics. Theory and Methods (with R)

A new edition of this popular text on robust statistics, thoroughly updated to include new and improved methods and focus on implementation of methodology using the increasingly popular open-source software R. Classical statistics fail to cope well with outliers associated with deviations from standard distributions. Robust statistical methods take into account these deviations when estimating the parameters of parametric models, thus increasing the reliability of fitted models and associated inference. This new, second edition of Robust Statistics: Theory and Methods (with R) presents a broad coverage of the theory of robust statistics that is integrated with computing methods and applications. Updated to include important new research results of the last decade and focus on the use of the popular software package R, it features in-depth coverage of the key methodology, including regression, multivariate analysis, and time series modeling. The book is illustrated throughout by a range of examples and applications that are supported by a companion website featuring data sets and R code that allow the reader to reproduce the examples given in the book. Unlike other books on the market, Robust Statistics: Theory and Methods (with R) offers the most comprehensive, definitive, and up-to-date treatment of the subject. It features chapters on estimating location and scale; measuring robustness; linear regression with fixed and with random predictors; multivariate analysis; generalized linear models; time series; numerical algorithms; and asymptotic theory of M-estimates. Explains both the use and theoretical justification of robust methods Guides readers in selecting and using the most appropriate robust methods for their problems Features computational algorithms for the core methods Robust statistics research results of the last decade included in this 2nd edition include: fast deterministic robust regression, finite-sample robustness, robust regularized regression, robust location and scatter estimation with missing data, robust estimation with independent outliers in variables, and robust mixed linear models. Robust Statistics aims to stimulate the use of robust methods as a powerful tool to increase the reliability and accuracy of statistical modelling and data analysis. It is an ideal resource for researchers, practitioners, and graduate students in statistics, engineering, computer science, and physical and social sciences.

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Hannu Oja Robust Correlation. Theory and Applications

This bookpresents material on both the analysis of the classical concepts of correlation and on the development of their robust versions, as well as discussing the related concepts of correlation matrices, partial correlation, canonical correlation, rank correlations, with the corresponding robust and non-robust estimation procedures. Every chapter contains a set of examples with simulated and real-life data. Key features: Makes modern and robust correlation methods readily available and understandable to practitioners, specialists, and consultants working in various fields. Focuses on implementation of methodology and application of robust correlation with R. Introduces the main approaches in robust statistics, such as Huber’s minimax approach and Hampel’s approach based on influence functions. Explores various robust estimates of the correlation coefficient including the minimax variance and bias estimates as well as the most B- and V-robust estimates. Contains applications of robust correlation methods to exploratory data analysis, multivariate statistics, statistics of time series, and to real-life data. Includes an accompanying website featuring computer code and datasets Features exercises and examples throughout the text using both small and large data sets. Theoretical and applied statisticians, specialists in multivariate statistics, robust statistics, robust time series analysis, data analysis and signal processing will benefit from this book. Practitioners who use correlation based methods in their work as well as postgraduate students in statistics will also find this book useful.

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Zhong-Ping Jiang Robust Adaptive Dynamic Programming

A comprehensive look at state-of-the-art ADP theory and real-world applications This book fills a gap in the literature by providing a theoretical framework for integrating techniques from adaptive dynamic programming (ADP) and modern nonlinear control to address data-driven optimal control design challenges arising from both parametric and dynamic uncertainties. Traditional model-based approaches leave much to be desired when addressing the challenges posed by the ever-increasing complexity of real-world engineering systems. An alternative which has received much interest in recent years are biologically-inspired approaches, primarily RADP. Despite their growing popularity worldwide, until now books on ADP have focused nearly exclusively on analysis and design, with scant consideration given to how it can be applied to address robustness issues, a new challenge arising from dynamic uncertainties encountered in common engineering problems. Robust Adaptive Dynamic Programming zeros in on the practical concerns of engineers. The authors develop RADP theory from linear systems to partially-linear, large-scale, and completely nonlinear systems. They provide in-depth coverage of state-of-the-art applications in power systems, supplemented with numerous real-world examples implemented in MATLAB. They also explore fascinating reverse engineering topics, such how ADP theory can be applied to the study of the human brain and cognition. In addition, the book: Covers the latest developments in RADP theory and applications for solving a range of systems’ complexity problems Explores multiple real-world implementations in power systems with illustrative examples backed up by reusable MATLAB code and Simulink block sets Provides an overview of nonlinear control, machine learning, and dynamic control Features discussions of novel applications for RADP theory, including an entire chapter on how it can be used as a computational mechanism of human movement control Robust Adaptive Dynamic Programming is both a valuable working resource and an intriguing exploration of contemporary ADP theory and applications for practicing engineers and advanced students in systems theory, control engineering, computer science, and applied mathematics.

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Yue Wang Cooperative Control of Multi-Agent Systems. Theory and Applications

A comprehensive review of the state of the art in the control of multi-agent systems theory and applications The superiority of multi-agent systems over single agents for the control of unmanned air, water and ground vehicles has been clearly demonstrated in a wide range of application areas. Their large-scale spatial distribution, robustness, high scalability and low cost enable multi-agent systems to achieve tasks that could not successfully be performed by even the most sophisticated single agent systems. Cooperative Control of Multi-Agent Systems: Theory and Applications provides a wide-ranging review of the latest developments in the cooperative control of multi-agent systems theory and applications. The applications described are mainly in the areas of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs). Throughout, the authors link basic theory to multi-agent cooperative control practice – illustrated within the context of highly-realistic scenarios of high-level missions – without losing site of the mathematical background needed to provide performance guarantees under general working conditions. Many of the problems and solutions considered involve combinations of both types of vehicles. Topics explored include target assignment, target tracking, consensus, stochastic game theory-based framework, event-triggered control, topology design and identification, coordination under uncertainty and coverage control. Establishes a bridge between fundamental cooperative control theory and specific problems of interest in a wide range of applications areas Includes example applications from the fields of space exploration, radiation shielding, site clearance, tracking/classification, surveillance, search-and-rescue and more Features detailed presentations of specific algorithms and application frameworks with relevant commercial and military applications Provides a comprehensive look at the latest developments in this rapidly evolving field, while offering informed speculation on future directions for collective control systems The use of multi-agent system technologies in both everyday commercial use and national defense is certain to increase tremendously in the years ahead, making this book a valuable resource for researchers, engineers, and applied mathematicians working in systems and controls, as well as advanced undergraduates and graduate students interested in those areas.

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Clement Kleinstreuer Microfluidics and Nanofluidics. Theory Selected Applications

Fluidics originated as the description of pneumatic and hydraulic control systems, where fluids were employed (instead of electric currents) for signal transfer and processing. Microfluidics and Nanofluidics: Theory and Selected Applications offers an accessible, broad-based coverage of the basics through advanced applications of microfluidics and nanofluidics. It is essential reading for upper-level undergraduates and graduate students in engineering and professionals in industry.

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Behrouz Farhang-Boroujeny Adaptive Filters. Theory and Applications

This second edition of Adaptive Filters: Theory and Applications has been updated throughout to reflect the latest developments in this field; notably an increased coverage given to the practical applications of the theory to illustrate the much broader range of adaptive filters applications developed in recent years. The book offers an easy to understand approach to the theory and application of adaptive filters by clearly illustrating how the theory explained in the early chapters of the book is modified for the various applications discussed in detail in later chapters. This integrated approach makes the book a valuable resource for graduate students; and the inclusion of more advanced applications including antenna arrays and wireless communications makes it a suitable technical reference for engineers, practitioners and researchers. Key features: • Offers a thorough treatment of the theory of adaptive signal processing; incorporating new material on transform domain, frequency domain, subband adaptive filters, acoustic echo cancellation and active noise control. • Provides an in-depth study of applications which now includes extensive coverage of OFDM, MIMO and smart antennas. • Contains exercises and computer simulation problems at the end of each chapter. • Includes a new companion website hosting MATLAB® simulation programs which complement the theoretical analyses, enabling the reader to gain an in-depth understanding of the behaviours and properties of the various adaptive algorithms.

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Xinxin Gu Self-healing Control Technology for Distribution Networks

Systematically introduces self-healing control theory for distribution networks, rigorously supported by simulations and applications • A comprehensive introduction to self-healing control for distribution networks • Details the construction of self-healing control systems with simulations and applications • Provides key principles for new generation protective relay and network protection • Demonstrates how to monitor and manage system performance • Highlights practical implementation of self-healing control technologies, backed by rigorous research data and simulations

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Farhan Faruqi A. Differential Game Theory with Applications to Missiles and Autonomous Systems Guidance

Differential Game Theory with Applications to Missiles and Autonomous Systems explains the use of differential game theory in autonomous guidance and control systems. The book begins with an introduction to the basic principles before considering optimum control and game theory. Two-party and multi-party game theory and guidance are then covered and, finally, the theory is demonstrated through simulation examples and models and the simulation results are discussed. Recent developments in the area of guidance and autonomous systems are also presented. Key features: Presents new developments and how they relate to established control systems knowledge. Demonstrates the theory through simulation examples and models. Covers two-party and multi-party game theory and guidance. Accompanied by a website hosting MATLAB® code. The book is essential reading for researchers and practitioners in the aerospace and defence industries as well as graduate students in aerospace engineering.

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Смотреть бесплатно дораму Странный дом (The Strange House ...

1 июн. 2016 г. - Фильм Странный дом | The Strange House | Tong ling zhi liu shi gu zhai. 通灵之六世古宅. Загрузка... Если не работает, попробуйте ...

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D.Gnak by Kang.D Men’s Black Layered Trousers 50% wool, 50% polyester. Tonal stitching. This D.Gnak by Kang.D Black Layered Trousers will create a standout look and slim your shape. [+] Buy Here →. Search for: Recent Posts. AG Women’s The Farrah High Rise Skinny Jeans. Adrianna Papell Women’s Lydia Manta Ray-Print Low-Heel Evening Pump, Pewter. Frankie’s Bikinis women’s Frankie’s Bikinis Coco Bottoms in Hamptons.


Каталоги D.GNAK BY KANG.D в следующих интернет-магазинах: в YOOX RU. Copyright © 2016–2019. ... Тут вы найдете официальный сайт на русском и каталог распродаж D.GNAK BY KANG.D. mail@brendopoisk.ru. ↑.

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Пазлы 3D "Зодиак Близнецы" кристальные ... К 9041 3D паззл помидор ... ИГРУШКА 3D ПАЗЛ LING ZHI CRYSTAL BLOCKS ЗОДИАК ВЕСЫ 42ДЕТ. АРТ.

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На sochigb2.ru Вы можете купить D GNAK by KANG Куртка по выгодной цене. ... D GNAK by KANG Куртка. (точная фраза в названии). Показывать товаров по: 10, 20, 50, 100. Сортировка: От начала, От конца, Случайно, Дешевле, Дороже. 1) D.GNAK by KANG.D Куртка. Описание. техническая ткань, съемная аппликация, логотип, одноцветное изделие, классический воротник, однобортная модель, кнопки, один нагрудный кармашек, множество карманов, без рукавов, внутренняя набивка, жилет.

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D.GNAK by Kang.D Layered Asymmetrical Parka "Black": South Korean label D.GNAK continues to push the boundaries of menswear design with innovative cut. ... South Korean label D.GNAK continues to push the boundaries of menswear design with innovative cut & sew items for 2014 fall/winter. As part of its forthcoming collection, designer Kang Dong Jun presents the Layered Asymmetrical Parka. The long-sleeve layered black parka is fully lined and padded with various layers to ensure great insulation.

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Материал. В наличии 3D Crystal Puzzle собирается в дельфин брелок. ... 3D Ling Zhi Crystal Blocks 3D Пазл Лев с подсветкой. 3D Puzzle Магический ...

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leparule.it 2018 le ultime tendenze della moda invernale maschile. Sneakers in camoscio, stivali di pelle e scarpe alla moda online.

Autumn/Winter 2019 Menswear | British GQ

Men's fashion & style brought to you by industry experts at GQ.com (UK). GQ magazine provides entertainment, sport and culture news, reviews and comment.

Dong-Jun Kang (@d.gnak) • Instagram photos and videos

8,801 Followers, 269 Following, 657 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Dong-Jun Kang (@d.gnak)

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In a quest to save shoppers the hassle of checking countless online stores, the people behind men's lifestyle magazine Highsnobiety.com have created the ultimate e ...

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Copyright (c) 2015 D.GNAK All rights reserved

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To know more about the 'Shavi Kang's' song '2 Much Busy', enjoy the video. Stay tuned to Etimes for more songs like 2 Much Busy. Check out Etimes Punjabi music videos section for more Punjabi songs and Shavi Kang songs. ... For all Punjabi music fans, check-out latest Punjabi song '2 Much Busy' sung by 'Shavi Kang'. Music of song 2 Much Busy by singer Shavi Kang is given by Jassi Bros. Lyrics of 2 Much Busy song are written by Deepa Dhesian. To know more about the 'Shavi Kang's' song '2 Much Busy', enjoy the video.

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Designer index Donna - YOOX

non perdere di vista gli articoli che piÙ desideri. accedi per salvarli nella tua dream box

Найти изображение: германий - Fotolia

Изображения · Видео · Шаблоны · 3D · Premium · Редакционные мат-лы · Продать изображения. Fotolia теперь представляет собой Adobe Stock.

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OZON.ru предлагает выгодные цены и отличный сервис. 3D Ling Zhi Crystal Blocks 3D Пазл Рак с подсветкой - характеристики, фото и отзывы ...

Kang zhi liu robust control theory and applications. D.GNAK BY KANG.D официальный сайт-магазин

Официальные сайты-магазины D.GNAK BY KANG.D: в YOOX RU. Copyright © 2016–2018. All Rights Reserved. Официальный сайт D.P.ARTE, бренды Не к лицу сравнивать этот бренд с GAFFY PET, ALPICA, ибо это совершенно неодинаковые вещицы, как LUCENTE не PETIT JOUR. Здесь официальный сайт и интернет-магазин D.GNAK BY KANG.D на русском, и получается только у нас в Москве приятные цены по каталогу. Есть как новые коллекции, так и дисконт с распродажами. mail@ofbrendy.ru.

Technologies de l'information et de la communication ...

Histoire. Après les premiers pas vers une société de l'information qu'ont été l'écriture puis l'imprimerie, de grandes étapes ont été le télégraphe ...

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Каталог D.GNAK BY KANG.D. 10% 50%! Платье Class Roberto Cavalli.

Hallyu World - Seoul Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015...

Seoul Fashion Week has just ended! This is a highly anticipated Fashion Week, many stars and fashionistas joined together to celebrate the event! 首爾時尚周剛剛落下帷幕!眾多明星,如 2PM, 黃燦盛/황찬성/Hwang Chansung, 趙權/조권/Jo Kwon, 李孝利/이효리/Lee Hyori, 姜素英/Kang Soyoung等時尚達人們一齊共襄盛舉! Many celebrities joined, such as: Ko Tae Yong,Block B, Lie Sang Bong,2PM, Hwang Chansung,Park Seung-Gun,Steve J & Yoni P, Andy...

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해외핫딜직구 - 폴로,갭,자라,토리버치 등 저렴한 핫딜가로 간편하게 구입할수 있는 직구쇼핑몰

Лидер Смотреть онлайн, Аниме Ling Feng Zhe русская...

Смотреть аниме Лидер / Ling Feng Zhe онлайн. Прочитать анонсы и рецензии, получить информацию о дате выхода серии. Видео ты найдешь ниже на этой странице. Жми "play" и наслаждайся просмотром. Описание. Эта история о том, как Маркс познакомился со своей женой Дженни и об их разрушенной истории любви, а также о его дружбе с Фридрихом Энгельсом, его близким компаньоном и соавтором «Коммунистического манифеста». Видео.

D.GNAK by KANG.D - SFW - YouTube

This video is about D.GNAK by KANG.D - SFW

3D Ling Zhi Crystal Blocks 3D Пазл Стрелец с подсветкой 9047A ...

Объемный 3D-пазл Стрелец - прекрасный способ провести время увлекательно и с пользой. Пазл представляет собой фигурку знака зодиака, ...

Lee Jong-suk – Wikipedia tiếng Việt

Lee Jong Suk (이종석, sinh ngày 14 tháng 9 năm 1989) là diễn viên, người mẫu người Hàn Quốc. Anh ra mắt vào năm 2005 với bộ phim ngắn ...

zhiling2016 (@zhiling2016) - Profile - TripAdvisor

Ling ka size kitna hota hai | Nafs Hindi by Qureshi Ling ka size kitna hona chahiye. 21.045. 03/12/2017. Is video me main ne app ko bataya hai ki ling ki size kitni honi chahiye???? My contact Number 8874564072. 03:52.

D-GNAK BY KANG-D S/S 2011 - Blood Sweat And Fashion...

D-GNAK by KANG-D's Spring Summer 2011 collection explores the hectic, erratic, stressed, and harassed lives of the workaholic male. Constraints on time cause attention to detail to wane disallowing the presentation of the immaculate man. D-GNAK's character takes inspiration from the inadvertent unkempt aesthetic of the slightly dishevelled and overworked.

Как вырастить белые грибы на даче своими руками - Модели 3D ...

14 февр. 2018 г. - Модели 3D, Poser, 3DsMax, Archicad, Artcam, Zbrush. ДНЕВНИК ПРОРОКА .... Edited at 2018-02-14 01:42 pm (UTC). Reply · Thread · Link.

Ling Zhi Yii | Facebook

Ling Zhi Yii on Facebookissa. Liity Facebookiin ja pidä yhteyttä käyttäjän Ling Zhi Yii ja muiden tuttujesi kanssa. Facebook antaa ihmisille... ... Ling Zhi Yii (Lily) on Facebookissa. Rekisteröidy Facebookin nyt ja saat yhteyden käyttäjään Ling Zhi.

Бренд D.GNAK BY KANG D. на портале ТРЦ Москва

D.gnak by kang D. Актуальное. Стоит ли монтетизировать хобби? Тренажер домой или фитнес-зал? Какой должна быть техника для комфортной жизни? Популярное за месяц. Как выбрать кукурузу и зеленый горошек.

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D.GNAK 2017 Spring/Summer Lookbook | HYPEBEAST

South Korean menswear label, D.GNAK, is the personal project of designer Kang Dong Jun. Born in Seoul and trained at Parson’s School of Design in New York, Kang’s ...

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ディ ナック D.Gnak by Kang.D/ショートパンツ。ディ ナック D.Gnak by Kang.D ショートパンツ Black String Shorts

University of Reading Malaysia - Публикации | Facebook

Miraa, David Wong Chee Wai, Zhi Qi и ещё 6 это нравится. ..... Henley Business School Malaysia Regional Champions at CIMB 3D Conquest! Team JAKE .... Nafis Alam, Ling Chih, University of Reading Malaysia и ещё 3 это нравится.

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D.Gnak By Kang.D 黑色后系带高帮运动鞋 In Black,价格低至¥1860。 更有更多相似款,折扣款!D. Gnak by Kang. D 成立于 2008 年, 以其 ...

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D.GNAK by KANG.D Повседневные брюки. Пр-во: D.GNAK by KANG.D. 6000 RUR. Найти похожие. Подробнее. ANIYE BY Повседневные брюки. Пр-во: ANIYE BY. 4400 RUR.

ling zhi | Tumblr

Ms. Zhi Ling, ex-something in China that she doesn’t want to talk about. Long-distance and surveillance master: sniper rifles, shotgun mics, binoculars, rangefinders, the occasional tin-can Wifi antenna, you know, the works. Lesbian, and head-over-heels in love with Ms. Winn.

D.GNAK BY KANG.D в интернет-магазинах Москвы...

Урвать D.GNAK BY KANG.D при распродаже с огромной скидкой. Самые неисчислимые скидки можно оторвать на праздничных распродажах, типа «Кибер-понедельника». Экономить очень будоражит. Найти онлайн-аутлеты D.GNAK BY KANG.D в Москве. Оно вам надо выбегать из квартирки, когда всё можно заказать не вставая с мягкого. Чудеса бесплатной примерки и доставки. В онлайне вас не испачкают товаристки. Заботьтесь о себе.

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D.Gnak by Kang.D currently has 125 items worth approximately $58,305 in total. The average item price is $466. The primary categroy is Pants, Clothing & Accessories, T-Shirts, Shorts, Jeans, Outdoor Coats & Jackets, Shirts & Blouses, Sweaters, Blazers, jackets, t-shirts, high top sneakers, and shirts. D.Gnak by Kang.D was first added to CLOTHBASE on November 27, 2017 over about 1 year ago.

kang (@kang09431191) | Твиттер

В черном списке @kang09431191 в черном списке. Убрать из чёрного списка Убрать @kang09431191 из черного списка. Ещё не подтверждено В ожидании: запрос на чтение от @kang09431191. Отмена Отменить ваш запрос на чтение @kang09431191. kang.

Батарея мобильная Laro Power Station (12x2600mAh Power Bank ...

Заказывай на сайте – забирай сегодня ⭐ Тел. ☎ 0(800)303-505. Самая низкая цена на Батарея мобильная Laro Power Station (12x2600mAh Power ...

ディ ナック メンズ トップス パーカー 【サイズ交換無料】。ディ ナック D.Gnak by Kang.D メンズ トップス パーカー【Black ...

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Ozon.ru - крупнейший в России интернет-магазин, где продаются книги, видео, компакт-диски, антиквариат, электроника. Вы можете заказать у нас ...

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ディ ナック D.Gnak by Kang.D メンズ トップス スウェット・トレーナー【Black Side Patch Sweatshirt】 オンライン,ディ ...


Настройки . Авторизоваться; Список избранного ... rub

D.GNAK BY KANG.D Ανδρικά πανωφόρια 2018 - mymall.gr

d.gnak by kang.d Ανδρικά πανωφόρια στις καλύτερες τιμές απο τα μεγαλύτερα καταστήματα στην ...

3D пазл "Пингвины" 9008, цена 175 грн., купить в Киеве — Prom.ua ...

3D пазл "Пингвины". 2 пингвина, 63 детали. С наклейками. Бренд: LING ZHI SHUI JING Упаковка: Коробка Цвет: Красный Вес в упаковке: 445 г. Вес без ...

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В каждый набор входит пошаговая инструкция на русском языке. Пазлы представляют собой небольшие сборные 3D модели из плоских..  -34%. Robotime 3D пазл Ишак. 55 р. 83 р. в ozon.

«Пазл Educational Line 3D Crystal Puzzle - Вишенки L (YJ6824) 40 ...

Пазл Educational Line 3D Crystal Puzzle - Вишенки L (YJ6824) , элементов: 40 шт. .... 3D Ling Zhi Crystal Blocks 3D Пазл Овен с подсветкой. Тип: пазл ...

Kang Thợ Xây (VN) - LeagueOfGraphs

Kang Kued by CRF 250L Chiang Mai Club. ДЕТАЛИ. Видео загрузил naa143 | Искать naa143 6 г. назад. กลับมาเชียงใหม่ เพิ่งจะได้ออกทริปร่วมกับชมรม CRF 250L Chiang Mai วันนี้มีทริปคลายร้อนไปนั่งแข่น้ำ ที่แ. ก่งกื้ด สถานที่ท่องเที่ยวสุด Cool ของเชียงใหม่อีกแห่งหนึ่ง อากาศดีเย็นสบาย นั่งดื่มเบียร์ในกันน้. ำสบายดีกันเหลือเกิน ดูนั่งท่องเที่ยวล่องแพยางผ่านไปผ่านมาอย่างสนุกสนาน. Kang Kued by CRF 250L Chiang Mai Club. Развернуть свернуть. Похожие видеоролики.

3D Ling Zhi Crystal Blocks 3D Пазл Лев с подсветкой — купить в ...

OZON.ru предлагает выгодные цены и отличный сервис. 3D Ling Zhi Crystal Blocks 3D Пазл Лев с подсветкой - характеристики, фото и отзывы ...

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OZON.ru предлагает выгодные цены и отличный сервис. 3D Ling Zhi Crystal Blocks 3D Пазл Телец с подсветкой - характеристики, фото и отзывы ...

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Find D.gnak By Kang.d men's fashion at ShopStyle. Shop the latest collection of D.gnak By Kang.d men's fashion from the most popular stores - all in

Купить D.GNAK BY KANG.D в интернет-магазине.

Kang Dong Jun acknowledges the applause of the audience after the D.Gnak by Kang.D show as a part of Milan Fashion Week Menswear Autumn/Winter 2014 on January 14, 2014 in Milan, Italy. (Jan. 13, 2014 - Source: Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images Europe) more pics from this album ».

Повседневные брюки D.GNAK by KANG.D 13269466SS

Robert Kang ( @trebor_gnak ). Is this fair? Thought Id enjoy a nice cup of soft serve. ... time commant 1 3 like. Robert Kang ( @trebor_gnak ). A beautiful but hazy day at #sutroheightspark. Enjoying the view of #oceanbeachsf and #greathighway. #goldengatepark #windmills are also visible. #sutroheightspark #oceanbeachsf #greathighway #goldengatepark #windmills. time commant 1 5 like. Robert Kang ( @trebor_gnak ). #Freeday at YerbaBuenaCenterfortheArts Lovely and thought provoking.

Women's New Style Khaki Pants High Waist Waist Pants

D.Gnak by Kang.D - Blazers. Mens Clothing Guide Tailored Shirts Tailored Jacket Dandy Jacket Style Dark Fashion Deconstruction Sherwani Swag Men's Menswear. might be black, but I think graphite. soft, powdery and with brown inside.

Пазлы кристальные 3Д купить по низкой цене из каталога, Россия ...

Кристаллический пазл 3D "Сердце", Crystal Puzzle (Кристал Пазл) ... Конструктор Ling Zhi Crystal Blocks «Лев» поможет вам собрать из 42 деталей ...

eye 3d model Рекламный - Alibaba.com

Выберите Глаз 3d Модель Продвижение на Alibaba, Найдите Глаз 3d Модель на Продажу для Продвижения ... Cangnan Lingzhi Gifts & Crafts Co., Ltd.

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Buy D.Gnak by Kang.D Black Side Patch Sweatshirt in Black color on NOMU.fashion.

зеркало rutor.info :: Сентиментальный меченосец...

Сентиментальный меченосец 3 / Опасность для сентиментального меченосца / Chu Liu Xiang zhi You ling shan zhuang / Perils Of The Sentimental Swordsman (1981) DVD5 | L1. Скачать Sentimentalnyj_mechenosec_3.torrent Как тут качать? Добавить rutor.info в поисковую строку.

D.Gnak by Kang.D - Vestiaire Collective

Trova tutti i prodotti della marca D.Gnak by Kang.D e approfitta di un'ampia scelta di articoli di seconda mano d'alta moda sul primo sito di social shopping online ...

Низкие кеды и кроссовки в Чебоксарах - купить по лучшей...

"D.Gnak By Kang.D D.Gnak (Dgnak) Asymmetric Neck Jacket Size M $170 - Grailed". Prada Fall 2017 Menswear Fashion Show. Knitwear Fashion Knit Fashion Fashion Show Mens Fashion Kimono Winter 2017.

D.GNAK by KANG.D - 신사동 - 1 подсказка от Посетителей: 6

На ubereats-promocode.ru Вы можете купить D GNAK by KANG Пиджак по выгодной цене. ... D GNAK by KANG Пиджак. (точная фраза в названии). Показывать товаров по: 10, 20, 50, 100. Сортировка: От начала, От конца, Случайно, Дешевле, Дороже. 1) D.GNAK by KANG.D Пиджак. Описание.

ZE:A's Kwanghee reveals why he's afraid of Kang Ho... | allkpop

Kang Ho Dong expressed, "Kwanghee was sensitive about it, so I texted him at the time. There was a good opportunity, so that's why I contacted him. I hope he's able to show up on a much bigger stage. I can't forget about Kwanghee. I met him first on 'Strong Heart'." Kwanghee responded, "I talk really bluntly because I want to look good in Kang Ho Dong's eyes. I even confessed my cosmetic surgery. Kang Ho Dong was kind to me even from then." Kang Ho Dong. ZE:A.

대한민국 1등 개인간 남성의류 거래 플랫폼, 쿠돈

중고옷 거래는 검수서비스로 걱정없이! 좋은옷을 사고파는 남자들의 공간, 쿠돈

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Купить товар Ling Zhi 3 Wise Reishi Mushroom Hunter Tee Fungi Hunt Tshirt в категории Футболки на AliExpress. Ling Zhi 3 Wise Reishi Mushroom Hunter ...

ディ ナック D.Gnak by Kang.D メンズ ... - aptbcollective.com

ディ ナック D.Gnak by Kang.D メンズ トップス スウェット・トレーナー【Black Side Patch Sweatshirt】 メンズ ...

D.GNAK by KANG.D Футболка | Купить с доставкой

D.GNAK by KANG.D Футболка. Купить за 3900.00руб. (Возможна скидка!) джерси, одноцветное изделие, круглый вырез горловины, короткие рукава, принт, низ с боковыми разрезами, без карманов, большой размер. ... Пункты выдачи заказов расположены во множестве городов России: в Москве, Екатеринбурге, Нижнем Новгороде, Орле, Калуге, Ростове-на-Дону, СПБ, Твери, Тюмени, Челябинске, Ярославле и многих других городах.

D.Gnak by Kang.D Fall Winter 2014

The up and coming Korean designer Kang.D presented his D.Gnak fall winter 2014 collection as a guest of honor at the latest Milano Fashion Week. The Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana in Milan has in the previous season as well reached to the far east in the search for the new talents. This fantastic move allows established designers from Asia to present their latest work to press and buyers alike on the European market.

Скачать бесплатно mp3 Scrape Kang

Scrape Kang - Скачать mp3 бесплатно. Blanco Scrape Kang. 192 Kbps 1.73 MB 00:01:19 3. Play. Скачать. Scrape Kang. ... Для вашего поискового запроса Scrape Kang MP3 мы нашли 1000000 песни, соответствующие вашему запросу, но показывающие только 10 лучших результатов. Теперь мы рекомендуем загрузить первый результат Blanco Scrape Kang MP3 который загружен Guerrilla Entertainment размером 1.73 MB , длительность 1 мин и 19 сек и битрейтом 192 Kbps .

D.GNAK by KANG.D - Home | Facebook

D.GNAK by KANG.D. 8,518 likes · 6 talking about this. www.dgnak.kr instagram-DGNAKOFFICIAL

3D головоломка Crystal Puzzle "Лошадь". Белая - купить в ...

3D головоломка "ЛОШАДЬ" белая – оригинальная и очень увлекательная игрушка для детей от 7 лет и ... Производитель головоломки: Ling Zhi Размеры ...

d.gnak by kang.d | Tumblr

Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your people.

Купить обувь бренда D.GNAK BY KANG.D на сайте...

D.gnak by kang.D. Категория. Кеды и кроссовки. Сапоги и полусапоги. Пол. Мужской. Главная / Производители / D.GNAK BY KANG.D. Вся обувь от D.GNAK BY KANG.D | TopBoots.ru. Вид: Список / Сетка. На странице: 24 25 50 75 100. Сортировка: По умолчанию Наименование (А -> Я) Наименование (Я -> А) Цена (по возрастанию) Цена (по убыванию) Рейтинг (по убыванию) Рейтинг (по возрастанию) Модель (А -> Я) Модель (Я -> А).

Чужеродных чудовище на пространство фона 3d Иллюстрация ...

4 дек. 2017 г. - Скачайте стоковую фотографию 3D иллюстрации чужеродных чудовище на фоне пространства - 175974918 из многомилионной ...

Ling Zhi

Сборная модель- кристальный пазл 3D "Сердце" 46 эл. Детали.. 25.30 грн. Нет в наличии. В заметки. В сравнения. Сборная модель Ling Zhi "Пирамида" ...

Пазл 3D. Знак зодиака. Близнецы. 48 деталей. с подсветкой

Пазлы 3d (объёмные) ..... Объемный 3D-пазл "Близнецы" - прекрасный способ провести время увлекательно и с ... Бренд 3D Ling Zhi Crystal Blocks

D.Gnak by Kang.D: Black Double Piping Trousers | NOMU

Buy D.Gnak by Kang.D Black Double Piping Trousers in Black color on NOMU.fashion.

Online Store D.gnak by Kang.d Original - iprice.co.id

D.gnak by Kang.d Indonesia | Beli D.gnak by Kang.d Original Terbaru | Gratis Ongkos Kirim | Bayar di Tempat (COD) | Garansi Resmi

Cs Pendopo Kang Tedjo Jamilah Jamilun Imbangono...

Cs-pendopo-kang-tedjo-jamilah-jamilun-imbangono-tresnaku. Search your favorite song right now. SoundCloud Youtube SongLyrics Dailymotion Vimeo. 1. Cs. Pendopo kang tedjo | jamilah jamilun _imbangono tresnaku. Published: 1 year ago. Duration: 4:07. By. Download. 2. landung & jamilah jamilun | rondo kempling , CS. Pendopo kang tedjo. ... 5. konco turu jamila jamilun ft niken sarintem I pendopo kang tedjo.

Кристальный 3D пазл "Diamond" И0638 во Владивостоке - 100sp.Ru

Конструктор Ling Zhi Crystal Blocksпоможет вам самостоятельно собрать удивительную фигурку. В набор входят детали, расположенные на особых ...

D.Gnak By Kang.D tapered trouser | mens fashion | wantering | mens style | mens pleated trousers

D.Gnak by Kang.D - Sneakers - Antonioli.eu

d.gnak by kang.d men's multicolor layered strap mid shoes - multicolor - front and back black pull - double lace closure - white/grey/black leather patches - red mesh ...

D.GNAK BY KANG.D официальный сайт-магазин

Официальные сайты-магазины D.GNAK BY KANG.D: в YOOX RU. Copyright © 2016–2018. All Rights Reserved. Официальный сайт D.P.ARTE, бренды Не к лицу сравнивать этот бренд с GAFFY PET, ALPICA, ибо это совершенно неодинаковые вещицы, как LUCENTE не PETIT JOUR. Здесь официальный сайт и интернет-магазин D.GNAK BY KANG.D на русском, и получается только у нас в Москве приятные цены по каталогу. Есть как новые коллекции, так и дисконт с распродажами. mail@ofbrendy.ru.

Pin by Holly Soul on Asymmetrical Coats | Pinterest

D.Gnak by Kang.D Blazers K8505. American Horror Story Blazers American Horror Stories Blazer Sports Jacket. D.gnak By Kang.d Blazers. ShopStyle. Products. Which Classic Hollywood Actress Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign? Audry Hepburn Makeup, Audry Hepburn Style, Audrey Hepburn Costume, Audrey Hepburn Fashion, Audrey Hepburn Wedding. N Raja. desi.

3D Ling Zhi Crystal Blocks 3D Пазл Рыбы с подсветкой 9042A, цвет ...

Объемный 3D-пазл Рыбы - прекрасный способ провести время увлекательно и с пользой. Пазл представляет собой фигурку знака зодиака, ...

Men's Suits | Men's Designer & Tailored Suits | ASOS | Pinterest

D.Gnak By Kang.D D.Gnak (Dgnak) Asymmetric Neck Jacket Size M $170 - Grailed. Hunter Nordhauser. Inspirado. Comme Des Garçons Vintage Open Shoulder Jacket - Farfetch. Comme Des Garçons Vintage open shoulder jacket. 찬양 황. detail.

D.GNAK by KANG.D - Fashionista

D.GNAK by KANG.D. Business. Seoul Fashion Week, Part 1: Men's Fall 2011 Collections. Fashionista contributor Long Nguyen is the co-founder/style director of Flaunt. SEOUL, KOREA--"I am in my second year at Seoul Arts College majoring in modeling," says Lee Sang Min, wearing a wool cotton double breasted coat, black and white striped turtleneck sweater, black slim pants and black leather boots. He was waiting in line to get into the CY Choi show in the main hall at Korea Fashion Week with a group of five of his schoolmates.

Грибной Изображения, стоковые фотографии и векторная ...

Добро пожаловать в Shutterstock! Здесь найдутся изображения для любого проекта без всяких сложностей с лицензированием. Выберите план ...

Кристальный 3D пазл "Знаки зодиака" - Телец, 43 дет. (свет) - G ...

Конструктор Ling Zhi Crystal Blocks поможет вам самостоятельно собрать необычную фигурку «Телец». В комплект входят детали, ...

D.GNAK BY KANG.D Γυναικεία φορέματα 2018 - mymall.gr

d.gnak by kang.d Γυναικεία φορέματα στις καλύτερες τιμές απο τα μεγαλύτερα καταστήματα στην ...

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Don't go from store to store to find the best prices on d.gnak by kang.d sneakers, we've got them here!

Янь Цзя — фильмы — КиноПоиск

1. 1. Рыцарь теней: Между инь и ян (2019) Shen tan pu song ling zhi lan re xian zong. 3.19 136. просмотрен. 10 ... Жуки 3D (2014) Shi ren chong. Сценарист ...

Аксессуары танцевальные ling zhi

аксессуары танцевальные ling zhi. Объемный 3D-пазл "Близнецы" - прекрасный способ провести время увлекательно и с пользой. Пазл представляет собой фигурку знака зодиака, выполненную из прозрачного пластика.

Купить D.Gnak by Kang.D Grey and Black Curved Sneakers CL000023479548 за 14918р в интернет магазине c бесплатной ...

Autumn/Winter 2018 Menswear | British Vogue

Fashion news, backstage photos, fashion trends, catwalk videos, supermodel interviews, beauty trends and celebrity party photos, brought to you by British Vogue

Дешевые 3d пазлы в ozon - Сервис поиска товаров...

Интернет-магазин «RC-TODAY.RU» предлагает огромный ассортимент интересных радиоуправляемых моделей по низкой цене. Вам понравится! Радиоуправляемые модели Астрон. Наш телефон в Москве: +7 (495) 215-19-66...

D.Gnak By Kang.D - Grailed

Check out the latest designs from D.Gnak By Kang.D. Whether you’re searching for everyday or special occasion menswear, Grailed has options for you.

Thom Browne - British Vogue

Explore the looks, models, and beauty from the Thom Browne Spring/Summer 2018 Ready-To-Wear show in Paris on 3 October 2017


Скидки на D.GNAK BY KANG.D сейчас тут: в YOOX RU. Copyright © 2016–2018. All Rights Reserved. Скидка D_CLN, Официальный магазин D’ACQUASPARTA, бренды Неприлично сравнивать сей бренд с KHONGBOON SPORTSWEAR, AROUND ME, CUTIE, BRIO, поскольку это целиком разношерстные шмотки, как MASSIMO LONARDO не PITCHDOG. Всегда лучше покупать D.GNAK BY KANG.D со скидкой, когда есть такая возможность. mail@brendysoskidkami.ru. ↑.

D.Gnak By Kang.D Blazers In Black | ModeSens

D.Gnak By Kang.D Blazers In Black, starting at RUB28147. Similar ones also available. On SALE now! D.GNAK by KANG.D Blazers. flannel, darts, basic solid color ...

This FABULOUS Light Grey drop crotch pants will be your Must have garment for the new season... So comfy and easy to wear at the same time a touch of elegance and ...

Lin zhi ling Free Download

lin zhi ling. In Title. Sponsored Links. lin zhi ling. In Short Description. No results were found containing. lin zhi ling. In Short Description. lin zhi ling. In Long Description. AIMP 2.61 Build 583. ... ling for backup jobs InCD 5 Drag&Drop file backup support for BDRE/R FTP backup Intelligent compression filter Shadow Copy f. Download now. Size: 174MB License: Shareware Price: $79.99 By: Nero AG.

ディ ナック D.Gnak by Kang.D/その他ボトムス·パンツ。ディ ナック D.Gnak by Kang.D その他ボトムス·パンツ White Repentance Jumpsuit

D.GNAK by KANG.D Хаки Свитшоты и толстовки - Glami.ru

Взгляните на коллекцию этого сезона от Хаки Свитшоты и толстовки d.gnak by kang.d Зима 2018/2019 на ...

Онгоинги аниме зимы 2019

Смотрите все сезоны аниме онлайн на русском и с субтитрами. Самая полная коллекция аниме без цензуры! Все серии аниме 2018 года бесплатно на ...

Men's Sweatshirts D.GNAK by KANG.D 12010075FS DDVEWQX

Buy Men's Sweatshirts D.GNAK by KANG.D 12010075FS DDVEWQX. Men's Sweatshirts - Men's Sweatshirts D.GNAK by KANG.D 12010075FS DDVEWQX. Product Info Composition: 80% ...

Kang Min Hyuk — слушать онлайн на Яндекс.Музыке

Kang Jatna. Apa kabar kamoe...kangen sama kamoe. Cum 16 Mar 2 0. kangjatna. Kang Jatna. Goes to Ciceumet via Halimun. Per 8 Mar 11 0. kangjatna. Kang Jatna. Kangen kamoe, lg apa yaa kamoe. Per 8 Mar 11 1. kangjatna. Kang Jatna. Perjuangan. Per 8 Mar 4 0. kangjatna. Kang Jatna.

Ling Zhi - crystal puzzle - пазлы - интернет-магазин кубиков и ...

Пазл головоломка 3D Crystal Puzzle Минни Маус фиолетовая. crystal011. в наличии. 3d crystal puzzle это не только увлекательное времяпровождения ...

Товары категории Пазлы у которых Описание: 3D пазл Ling Zhi ...

Описание: 3D пазл Ling Zhi Crystal Blocks «Flash Fotball» поможет создать уникальный элемент декора в виде футбольного мяча на подставке.

D.GNAK by KANG.D Spring/Summer 2012 - YouTube

Musical '스프링 어웨이크닝, Spring Awakening' Press Call - "Touch Me" Korea ver. - Duration: 8:29. Wook-hee Jeong 4,380 views

Купить в Алматы 3D пазлы - Planetadetstva.kz

Детали 3D пазла изготовлены из полупрозрачного пластика. ... Производитель: 1 TOY Fame Master Ling Zhi Pintoo Spin Master Другие. АКЦИЯ 1+1: ...

D.Gnak by Kang.D - Vestiaire Collective

Find every D.Gnak by Kang.D item all in one place. Browse a huge selection of pre-owned fashion items at the online reseller Vestiaire Collective.

Les comptes-rendus-avis de lecture de la librairie Vaux Livres

Librairie généraliste indépendante "Vaux Livres" créée par Max Buvry en août 2005. Tous les rayons classiques, des rencontres, des comptes-rendus de lectures...

3D пазлы купить в Украине в интернет-магазине Toys - Toys.com.ua

Купить 3D пазлы в самом большом интернет магазине игрушек Toys - низкие ... LING ZHI SHUI JING (1) ... Пазлы 3D «Китайский павильон», 29012, цена.

D.GNAK BY KANG.D осень зима

Посмотреть и прикупить свежие модели D.GNAK BY KANG.D 2018 можно в 1-ом месте: YOOX RU. ... Свежие модели D.GNAK BY KANG.D 2018: в YOOX RU. Copyright © 2016–2018. All Rights Reserved. Модели 2018 D.P.ARTE, Официальный магазин D.R.O.W.S., бренды Не следует заменять нынешний бренд с ADZHEDO, BENCH, TEMPLECLEAN, TATAMI, LINEAITALIANA, EMICUIT, MERI, HELLY HANSEN, поскольку это сплошь неодинаковые штуковины, как PURINA PRO PLAN не COZY HOME.

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Ling Zhi Mushroom with Vitamin A, B and D. Iamnee 06-08-2015Fotolia. Gigantic natural Reishi medicinal mushroom conk for sale in rural Vietnam. John 10-08-2018Fotolia. Ganoderma Lucidum Mushroom on wood background. stoonn 04-12-2017Fotolia. mushroom house.

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This Ling Zhi new dance Latin dance clothing adult female body fringed skirt costumes and sporty was just updated to Feb, 15 2019. If users have just found this item, you can get the newest price range by pressing the Detail button above.

D.GNAK by KANG.D Stockists — Fashion Sauce

Seoul-born, Parson’s trained Kang Dong Jun established D.Gnak, a relatively young menswear label, debuting it in F/W 2008 at Seoul Fashion Week. The name was created from a reflection of his own name, and through his work he expresses his own fascination with the idea of disruption, eclecticism and experimentation.

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Crispin & Basilio Cristallini Cristiano Burani Cristina Sabaiduc Crombie Crosby Crystal Commerc Cushnie Et Ochs Custo Barcelona Customello Cut25 By Yigal Azrouel Cynthia Rowley Cynthia Steffe Cécile D&G D'GRAPH D-Antidote D-Gnak DDFC x FAD Amira Haroon DDFC x FAD Dee By Dalia DHELA DHL Exported Presents Sid Neigum Da/Ood By Ani Datukishvili Dagmar Dai Rees Daiki Shimizu Daks. ... Kai Kuhne Kai Kuhne: Myself Kaimin Kalda Kalita Kamiar Rokni Kang Dongjun Kang Kiok.

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D.Gnak by Kang.D FW14 Backstage

D.Gnak by Kang.D FW14 Backstage. By | February 5, 2014 Comments. Share. Tweet. Pin. 20 Shares. Behind the scenes images captured at D.Gnak fall winter 2014 show by Korean designer Kang.D. The collection presented during Milano Fashion Week was photographed by our fashion week photographer Maud Maillard. Models: Anthony White, Benjamin Benedek, Berthold Rothas, Bruno Fabre, Cristian Pfingstag, David Agbodji, Fallou Gueye, Jakob Blom, Kim Won, Lukas Krasa, Mac Phiri, Misa Patinszki, Ton Heukels.

D.GNAK BY KANG.D весна лето

The brand name D.GNAK by KANG.D is a carefully crafted image using an innovative mirroring technique to consistently remind the wearer and viewer of what the brand stands for- the brand targets men who have a strong fashion sense, those whose concern is th...

Ледяная Комета 3D 2 Айсмен 2 Iceman 2 Bing Feng Yong...

Bing Feng Yong Heng Zhi Men 2018 Iceman 2 Ледяная комета 3D 2 Официальный трейлер - Слушай и скачивай музыку онлайн! ... Ледяная комета 3D 2 Айсмен 2 Iceman 2 Bing Feng Yong Heng Zhi Men 2018 Трейлер Топ 100. 192 Kbps 2.63 MB 00:02:00 3. Play. Скачать. Bing Feng Yong Heng Zhi Men 2018 Iceman 2 Ледяная комета 3D 2 Официальный трейлер. 192 Kbps 2.00 MB 00:01:31 5. Play. Скачать. Ледяная Комета 3D 2. 192 Kbps 116.76 MB 01:28:43 2. Play.

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Увлажняющий лосьон-гидратор для лица Hada Labo с 3D - это концентрированное средство мгновенно снабжает кожу необходимой влагой и ...

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Китайская натуральная косметика. Косметика tianDe по низкой цене, большой выбор, быстрая доставка по Москве и Санкт-Петербургу, а также по ...

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Объемный 3D-пазл "Дева" - прекрасный способ провести время увлекательно и с пользой. Пазл представляет собой фигурку знака зодиака, ...

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-36%. 3D ling zhi crystal blocks. -Вес: 265 г -Высота упаковки: 80 мм -Глубина упаковки: 190 мм -Количество батареек: 3 -Количество элементов: 41. Цена. ... -Вес: 195 г -Высота упаковки: 60 мм -Глубина упаковки: 190 мм -Количество батареек: 3 -Количество элементов: 48. Цена.

Thor Fossen I. Handbook of Marine Craft Hydrodynamics and Motion Control

The technology of hydrodynamic modeling and marine craft motion control systems has progressed greatly in recent years. This timely survey includes the latest tools for analysis and design of advanced guidance, navigation and control systems and presents new material on underwater vehicles and surface vessels. Each section presents numerous case studies and applications, providing a practical understanding of how model-based motion control systems are designed. Key features include: a three-part structure covering Modeling of Marine Craft; Guidance, Navigation and Control Systems; and Appendices, providing all the supporting theory in a single resource kinematics, kinetics, hydrostatics, seakeeping and maneuvering theory, and simulation models for marine craft and environmental forces guidance systems, sensor fusion and integrated navigation systems, inertial measurement units, Kalman filtering and nonlinear observer design for marine craft state-of-the-art methods for feedback control more advanced methods using nonlinear theory, enabling the user to compare linear design techniques before a final implementation is made. linear and nonlinear stability theory, and numerical methods companion website that hosts links to lecture notes and download information for the Marine Systems Simulator (MSS) which is an open source Matlab/Simulink® toolbox for marine systems. The MSS toolbox includes hydrodynamic models and motion control systems for ships, underwater vehicles and floating structures With an appropriate balance between mathematical theory and practical applications, academic and industrial researchers working in marine and control engineering aspects of manned and unmanned maritime vehicles will benefit from this comprehensive handbook. It is also suitable for final year undergraduates and postgraduates, lecturers, development officers, and practitioners in the areas of rigid-body modeling, hydrodynamics, simulation of marine craft, control and estimation theory, decision-support systems and sensor fusion. www.wiley.com/go/fossen_marine

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Brenton Clarke R. Robustness Theory and Application

A preeminent expert in the field explores new and exciting methodologies in the ever-growing field of robust statistics Used to develop data analytical methods, which are resistant to outlying observations in the data, while capable of detecting outliers, robust statistics is extremely useful for solving an array of common problems, such as estimating location, scale, and regression parameters. Written by an internationally recognized expert in the field of robust statistics, this book addresses a range of well-established techniques while exploring, in depth, new and exciting methodologies. Local robustness and global robustness are discussed, and problems of non-identifiability and adaptive estimation are considered. Rather than attempt an exhaustive investigation of robustness, the author provides readers with a timely review of many of the most important problems in statistical inference involving robust estimation, along with a brief look at confidence intervals for location. Throughout, the author meticulously links research in maximum likelihood estimation with the more general M-estimation methodology. Specific applications and R and some MATLAB subroutines with accompanying data sets—available both in the text and online—are employed wherever appropriate. Providing invaluable insights and guidance, Robustness Theory and Application: Offers a balanced presentation of theory and applications within each topic-specific discussion Features solved examples throughout which help clarify complex and/or difficult concepts Meticulously links research in maximum likelihood type estimation with the more general M-estimation methodology Delves into new methodologies which have been developed over the past decade without stinting on coverage of “tried-and-true” methodologies Includes R and some MATLAB subroutines with accompanying data sets, which help illustrate the power of the methods described Robustness Theory and Application is an important resource for all statisticians interested in the topic of robust statistics. This book encompasses both past and present research, making it a valuable supplemental text for graduate-level courses in robustness.

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Funko Liu Kang 21688 (многоцветный)

Dong Shen Iterative Learning Control for Multi-agent Systems Coordination

A timely guide using iterative learning control (ILC) as a solution for multi-agent systems (MAS) challenges, showcasing recent advances and industrially relevant applications Explores the synergy between the important topics of iterative learning control (ILC) and multi-agent systems (MAS) Concisely summarizes recent advances and significant applications in ILC methods for power grids, sensor networks and control processes Covers basic theory, rigorous mathematics as well as engineering practice

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Bao-Zhu Guo Active Disturbance Rejection Control for Nonlinear Systems. An Introduction

A concise, in-depth introduction to active disturbance rejection control theory for nonlinear systems, with numerical simulations and clearly worked out equations Provides the fundamental, theoretical foundation for applications of active disturbance rejection control Features numerical simulations and clearly worked out equations Highlights the advantages of active disturbance rejection control, including small overshooting, fast convergence, and energy savings

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Hassan Badr M. Pumping Machinery Theory and Practice

Pumping Machinery Theory and Practice comprehensively covers the theoretical foundation and applications of pumping machinery. Key features: Covers characteristics of centrifugal pumps, axial flow pumps and displacement pumps Considers pumping machinery performance and operational-type problems Covers advanced topics in pumping machinery including multiphase flow principles, and two and three-phase flow pumping systems Covers different methods of flow rate control and relevance to machine efficiency and energy consumption Covers different methods of flow rate control and relevance to machine efficiency and energy consumption

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Edward Saff Barry Fundamentals of Matrix Analysis with Applications

An accessible and clear introduction to linear algebra with a focus on matrices and engineering applications Providing comprehensive coverage of matrix theory from a geometric and physical perspective, Fundamentals of Matrix Analysis with Applications describes the functionality of matrices and their ability to quantify and analyze many practical applications. Written by a highly qualified author team, the book presents tools for matrix analysis and is illustrated with extensive examples and software implementations. Beginning with a detailed exposition and review of the Gauss elimination method, the authors maintain readers’ interest with refreshing discussions regarding the issues of operation counts, computer speed and precision, complex arithmetic formulations, parameterization of solutions, and the logical traps that dictate strict adherence to Gauss’s instructions. The book heralds matrix formulation both as notational shorthand and as a quantifier of physical operations such as rotations, projections, reflections, and the Gauss reductions. Inverses and eigenvectors are visualized first in an operator context before being addressed computationally. Least squares theory is expounded in all its manifestations including optimization, orthogonality, computational accuracy, and even function theory. Fundamentals of Matrix Analysis with Applications also features: Novel approaches employed to explicate the QR, singular value, Schur, and Jordan decompositions and their applications Coverage of the role of the matrix exponential in the solution of linear systems of differential equations with constant coefficients Chapter-by-chapter summaries, review problems, technical writing exercises, select solutions, and group projects to aid comprehension of the presented concepts Fundamentals of Matrix Analysis with Applications is an excellent textbook for undergraduate courses in linear algebra and matrix theory for students majoring in mathematics, engineering, and science. The book is also an accessible go-to reference for readers seeking clarification of the fine points of kinematics, circuit theory, control theory, computational statistics, and numerical algorithms.

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Alan Palazzolo Vibration Theory and Applications with Finite Elements Active Control

Based on many years of research and teaching, this book brings together all the important topics in linear vibration theory, including failure models, kinematics and modeling, unstable vibrating systems, rotordynamics, model reduction methods, and finite element methods utilizing truss, beam, membrane and solid elements. It also explores in detail active vibration control, instability and modal analysis. The book provides the modeling skills and knowledge required for modern engineering practice, plus the tools needed to identify, formulate and solve engineering problems effectively.

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He Matthew Mathematics of Bioinformatics. Theory, Methods and Applications

Mathematics of Bioinformatics: Theory, Methods, and Applications provides a comprehensive format for connecting and integrating information derived from mathematical methods and applying it to the understanding of biological sequences, structures, and networks. Each chapter is divided into a number of sections based on the bioinformatics topics and related mathematical theory and methods. Each topic of the section is comprised of the following three parts: an introduction to the biological problems in bioinformatics; a presentation of relevant topics of mathematical theory and methods to the bioinformatics problems introduced in the first part; an integrative overview that draws the connections and interfaces between bioinformatics problems/issues and mathematical theory/methods/applications.

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Li Han-Xiong System Design and Control Integration for Advanced Manufacturing

Most existing robust design books address design for static systems, or achieve robust design from experimental data via the Taguchi method. Little work considers model information for robust design particularly for the dynamic system. This book covers robust design for both static and dynamic systems using the nominal model information or the hybrid model/data information, and also integrates design with control under a large operating region. This design can handle strong nonlinearity and more uncertainties from model and parameters.

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Aliakbar Haghighi Montazer Difference and Differential Equations with Applications in Queueing Theory

A Useful Guide to the Interrelated Areas of Differential Equations, Difference Equations, and Queueing Models Difference and Differential Equations with Applications in Queueing Theory presents the unique connections between the methods and applications of differential equations, difference equations, and Markovian queues. Featuring a comprehensive collection of topics that are used in stochastic processes, particularly in queueing theory, the book thoroughly discusses the relationship to systems of linear differential difference equations. The book demonstrates the applicability that queueing theory has in a variety of fields including telecommunications, traffic engineering, computing, and the design of factories, shops, offices, and hospitals. Along with the needed prerequisite fundamentals in probability, statistics, and Laplace transform, Difference and Differential Equations with Applications in Queueing Theory provides: A discussion on splitting, delayed-service, and delayed feedback for single-server, multiple-server, parallel, and series queue models Applications in queue models whose solutions require differential difference equations and generating function methods Exercises at the end of each chapter along with select answers The book is an excellent resource for researchers and practitioners in applied mathematics, operations research, engineering, and industrial engineering, as well as a useful text for upper-undergraduate and graduate-level courses in applied mathematics, differential and difference equations, queueing theory, probability, and stochastic processes.

9223.3 РУБ